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County directors of real property tax services

Find your county property tax director.

Almost every county has a Director of Real Property Tax Services (county director), who serves an important role in property tax administration.

County directors provide professional services to property owners throughout the county, as well as to officials in the municipalities. The county director also provides supports services in other departments within the county, including:

  • finance
  • planning
  • health
  • emergency services
  • public works
  • environmental
  • agricultural
  • law department

The responsibilities of the county director varies from county to county, but often includes:

  • tax map maintenance
  • advisory appraisals of moderately complex properties for municipal assessors
  • explanations of proposed New York State property tax legislation
  • compilation of information related to local-option property tax exemptions
  • application processing for corrected tax billings
  • assistance in the enforcement of unpaid taxes
  • assistance to the general public regarding real property tax matters
  • clearinghouse for the assessment information
  • support to the county legislature regarding tax levies and tax rates
  • training members of municipal boards of assessment review
  • assistance with training municipal assessors
  • printing assessment rolls, tax rolls and tax bills

In addition, on behalf of municipalities within the county, some county directors perform or supervise:

  • data collection services
  • sales verification
  • appraisal services
  • exemption or assessment administration
  • other assessment related activities