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Nursing home assessment credit

Who is eligible?

You are entitled to this refundable credit if you paid the nursing home assessment imposed on a New York State nursing home.

You can find the amount of this assessment on the billing statement or other statements provided to a resident by the nursing home. The assessment amount is not the amount of expenses paid.

  • You can claim the credit only if you actually paid the assessment. For example, you may claim the credit if your mother is a nursing home resident and you paid the assessment on her behalf. If your mother paid the assessment, only she can claim the credit.
  • If you are a nursing home resident and assign your long-term insurance benefits to the nursing home, you may claim a credit for the amount of those insurance benefits that represent the assessment payment.
  • You cannot claim the credit for any part of the assessment paid directly to the nursing home by a health insurance policy, with public funds (such as, Medicaid or Medicare), or paid by a trust or other entity.

How much is the credit?

The credit is equal to the 6% base-rate portion of the assessment that you directly paid during the year. It is not the amount of total care expenses paid during the year. 

Example:  During the tax year, you paid a total of $106,800 for nursing home care including $100,000 for total care expenses and $6,800 for New York State assessment. The amount of the credit allowed would be $6,000 ($100,000 total care expenses X .06). Although the New York assessment rate fluctuates, the credit is limited to 6% of the total care expenses.

Additional information 

  •  Form IT-258, Claim for Nursing Home Assessment Credit