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Tax facts

The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance collects tax revenues that fund services and programs that benefit New Yorkers. As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, tax collections are strong. Collections from the state’s personal income tax, corporation tax, sales tax, and property tax all increased in 2021. Tax collection summaries and trends are highlighted below. For more detailed information about tax collections, see View data.

Tax facts reports the Tax Department’s latest tax information and trends. This information is compiled using state tax records, IRS data, U.S. Postal Service data, U.S. Census data, and various other state and national sources. Since tax data is based on previous years' returns, and returns can continue to flow in for years after a due date, some data may be lagged and subject to revision. Also, data is collected and presented in various ways (including tax year, calendar year, cumulative) to provide varied and current perspectives, which fulfill differing analytical purposes and reporting requirements.

Tax data profiles

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Personal income tax

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Corporation tax

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Sales and misc taxes

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Property tax

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