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Sales and other transaction taxes

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New York State administers a sales tax along with numerous other transaction taxes. Collections of sales and other transaction taxes increased by nearly $1.3 billion to $20.5 billion in 2023.

Sales tax is New York’s largest transaction tax

In 2023, 569,151 businesses collected $18.6 billion in state sales tax. This is a 6.2% increase in collections from 2022.

The 500 largest vendors reported more than 40% of total taxable sales in sales tax year 2023.

In 2022, most sales and use tax receipts were derived from retail trade and services industries.

Consumer savings from sales tax exemptions

New York State offers tax exemptions on food, clothing, residential energy, Internet charges, and cable television, as well as a motor fuel tax cap. These exemptions save consumers more than $5.7 billion on staples and necessities every year.