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Department operations

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Total taxes collected

In fiscal year 2023, the Tax Department collected nearly $110 billion in state taxes and more than $45 billion in local taxes.

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Your tax dollars at work

Revenue collected by the Tax Department supports a wide variety of state government programs and services.

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The Tax Department processes millions of returns every year

The Tax Department processed more than 27 million returns in 2023, nearly half of which were personal income tax returns.

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Taxpayers rely on online resources

The Tax Department's more than 7,000 webpages are annually reviewed for plain language, accessibility, and accuracy. In 2023, had 86,189,073 pageviews, with a high of 910,609 views on April 18, 2023. In addition, the Tax Department offers more than 175 applications, tools, and services that taxpayers access online by securely logging in to the department's Online Services portal, or accessing directly from our website.

In 2023, there were 20,821,504 pageviews for the Tax Department's Online Services portal alone. More than 6.6 million state taxpayers now have Online Services accounts with the Tax Department. These filers can make payments, check their refund statuses, respond to department notices, and communicate directly with the department for many purposes.

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The Tax Department’s Audit Division performs diverse audit, compliance, and enforcement activities involving personal income tax, corporation tax, sales and transaction taxes, and more than 20 miscellaneous taxes.

Assessments and collections both increased by more than 40% in 2022–23.

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Civil enforcement collections

Tax and child support collections by the Civil Enforcement Division (CED) have trended up, with the exception of 2021 when the Tax Department suspended active collections for most of the fiscal year because of COVID-19.

Taxpayers who can’t pay their tax balance by the due date can request an installment payment agreement (IPA) online and over the phone, depending on the terms they seek. An IPA enables qualifying taxpayers to make scheduled payments over a period of time. Taxpayers continue to take advantage of this service in 2023.

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Language access

The Tax Department translates vital documents into 16 languages. The department has 65 translated webpages.

The Tax Department’s call center answered 2.3 million calls in 2023, many from taxpayers who speak languages other than English. The department contracts with an interpretation vendor to expand the call center’s ability to assist callers in many languages.

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