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Annual tax map maintenance certification procedure

The following outline provides a process for annually certifying tax map maintenance.

  1. A cover letter along with the RP-503 Form and survey questionnaire are mailed annually by the Tax Mapping Unit (TMU) to the county Director Of Real Property Tax Services or to the town/city assessor in Westchester County responsible for tax mapping. The cover letter will request the return of completed document to the appropriate regional office within thirty days of receiving the form.
  2. Regional staff will review the survey responses and follow up with the county/town/city, to ensure the completeness of the survey/questionnaire. Original County Director's/Assessor's signature is required on the RP-503 certification form. Regional staff will keep a record and copy of all documents received by counties to provide a historical record. The regions will forward all original documentation including complete survey questionnaire and signed Certification forms to the TMU, within ninety days of the initial mailing of RP-503 form/questionnaire. All non responses will be followed up by the TMU for reconciliation. The TMU will consult with the regional liaison prior to scheduling tax map related visits. The regional liaison will also consult with the TMU prior to scheduling tax map visits.
  3. The TMU will update it's certification database and applicable status maps from the current information supplied by the regions by January 5th.
  4. The TMU will inform the regional liaisons of any random review of certification questionnaires. This review will verify that proper procedures are being used for current maintenance of paper or digital tax maps and determine if a visit is necessary. Following this review and or visit the regional liaison will be notified of results.
  5. Annual Maintenance Certification (RP-503) not properly executed will be mailed a letter by Legal Staff requesting an explanation be submitted within 30 days detailing how the county/town/city will become compliant. The TMU/Legal staff will review and acknowledge the submitted explanation/plan for acceptance.
  6. The TMU will report annual maintenance compliance status to the LIS Director prior to the first of February.
  7. The TMU/Legal will oversee changes/corrections to the practices, 20 NYCRR 8189, RP-503, and the survey/questionnaire with Regional input.  

This procedure is established pursuant to RPTL, section 503 and 20 NYCRR 8189.


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