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Instructions for Completing Form RP-5217-PDF, Real Property Transfer Report

General information

When a deed is recorded with the county clerk’s office, submit the following with the deed:

  • Form RP-5217-PDF, Real Property Transfer Report; and
  • the correct filing fee.

Note regarding New York City: For property sales in New York City, use Form RP-5217-NYC and RP-5217-NYC instructions.

Form RP-5217-PDFcontains a 2D barcode used by the county clerk to streamline processing. This barcode is generated using the information reported on your form.

The information below will help you download and submit Form RP-5217-PDF. For detailed, line-by-line instructions, see Form RP-5217-PDF-INS, Real Property Transfer Report Instructions.

Steps to complete Form RP-5217-PDF

  1. Download the form by selecting the link below every time you file to ensure you are using the most recent version. Form RP-5217-PDF may be rejected if you file an outdated version.  
  2. Follow the step-by-step instructions in Form RP-5217-PDF-INSReal Property Transfer Report Instructions, to enter the appropriate information into the form. Save the document to your computer until the transfer is complete and the deed is filed with the county clerk.
  3. Save the form each time you change it; the barcode found at the bottom of the form changes each time you update information. You can amend the form until you are ready to print.
  4. Print Form RP-5217-PDF on 8 ½ x 14-inch legal size paper.
  5. It is crucial that the form is complete and accurate. If you must change the form after you print and sign it, you may make a small number of edits by hand. Draw a line through the item and print the updated information above the original computer entry.
  6. Provide the recording officer with the signed, original Form RP-5217-PDF, and include all deeds and correction deeds for this property. (A filing fee is also required.)