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Physical appraisals of property

Allowing assessment staff into your home

Sometimes, as part of a reassessment, assessors or data collectors will physically inspect the interior of properties. First, we caution you not to allow anyone in your home without proper identification - preferably an identification card with photograph.

While you are not required to let the assessor or data collector in your home, your cooperation, along with that of all other property owners in your community, helps assure that your assessment will be fair and based on complete and accurate information.

Without such cooperation, data collectors are forced to estimate how many bedrooms, bathrooms, etc., there are in your home. Later, if you disagree with the assessment for your property and ask that it be lowered, assessment officials will need precisely the information you refused to provide in order to rule on your request for a lower assessment.

If it is really inconvenient to allow an inspection at the time, try to make an appointment for some other date. However, if you can spare ten minutes or so, we encourage you to allow the internal inspection so that the necessary information for a fair assessment can be gathered.

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