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Department of Taxation and Finance

2009 New York State Corporate Tax Statistical Report

The Corporate Tax Statistical Report is intended to provide a summary of corporate tax data to aid interested parties in their analysis of New York's corporate tax structure. Tables in this report present tax statistics for Article 9-A (the franchise tax on business corporations), Article 9 (the corporation and utilities tax), Article 32 (the franchise tax on banking corporations), and Article 33 (the franchise tax on insurance companies). The report focuses on the franchise taxes imposed under these articles to enable data users to more easily understand the corporate franchise tax population and liability. By definition, it includes the excise taxes imposed under Article 9, Sections 186-a and 186-e.


This edition of the Corporate Tax Statistical Report provides detailed information for liability year 2009.


The following reports can be downloaded. Download documents include the narrative portion of the publication, sample tax and credit claim forms in Adobe Acrobat pdf format (to view and print pdf reports, you need an installed copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader -- which is available for free), and statistical tables and charts available in a Microsoft Excel xlsx spreadsheet file.  Contrary to previous editions of this report, the statistical tables and charts are no longer included in the Acrobat pdf edition of the report and are available only in the Excel file.

2009 Corp stat report (pdf)

Statistical tables and charts (xlsx)

Tax forms (pdf)

Credit claim forms (pdf)