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Did you receive mail from us?

Did you receive mail from us?

We may communicate with you by mail for many reasons, including:

  • to send you a check for your refund or an additional payment;
  • to let you know we adjusted your refund;
  • to request information that supports what you reported on a return; and
  • to let you know about a change to your tax account.

Scroll below to learn what we're mailing this month, what we send by mail, how to respond, and more.

Concerned about fraud?

Please report any suspicious contact, including by mail, you have with individuals claiming to be Tax Department or IRS employees. To learn how to recognize and report a scam, see Report an impersonation scam.

Scan snap submit ad

person using phone to scan document

Scan, snap, submit!

Did you receive a letter asking you to complete Form DTF-32, DTF-33, TD-210.2, TD-210.3, or TD-210.7?

To receive your new check sooner, use your mobile device to submit your form online!

  1. Scan the QR code on your letter.
  2. Snap a photo of your completed form.
  3. Submit your photo.

Benefits include:

  • security, without the hassle of an account
  • no printer or computer required
  • instant confirmation we received your form

What we're mailing Now

You must begin filing monthly, quarterly, or annual highway use tax (HUT) returns (Form TR-326.4) 

If you received this letter, your HUT liability for the past year was outside the threshold amounts to keep your current filing frequency. Your new filing frequency is noted on your letter and takes effect March 1.

For information on filing your return:

See HUT Web File

Notification to Owner of an Uncashed Check (Form DTF-32) 

If you received this letter, we previously sent you a check that you did not cash. If you still have the check, please cash it. If you do not have the check, complete the fields on your letter and send it to us so we can issue you a new check.

To receive your new check sooner, scan the QR code on your letter, snap a picture of your completed letter, then submit it to us online. For details:

See instructions

If you prefer, you may mail your completed letter.

Types of Mail we send

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Request for Information letters

We may send you a Request for Information (Form DTF-948 or DTF-948-O) letter if we need documentation to support what you claimed on your personal income tax return. 

If you receive one of these letters, or another personal income tax letter, respond as soon as you can so we can continue processing your return—and refund!

house with garage door open to reveal a car

Letters to property owners

If you're a homeowner, we may send you a letter about STAR. Visit our STAR resource center to view a copy of the letter you received, and to learn what to do next. 

Receive a different property letter? We also send letters to request additional information about property exemptions you may be entitled to. Follow the directions on your letter to learn more. 

hand holding a tablet with the payment option selected I want to pay estimated tax

Bills and notices with an amount due

If you receive a bill or notice, you can find the amount due and due date in the upper-right corner.

You can pay your amount due on our website, either directly from your bank account for free or by credit or debit card for a fee. Watch our Demo: Making a bill payment for step-by-step instructions. 

If you disagree with the amount shown or can't pay in full, you have options for resolving your bill or notice

depiction of a hand holding a magnifying glass over forms

Other notices

Some notices explain an action we took or decision we made. These may later result in a bill.

Other notices request additional information about what you reported on a return for a tax other than personal income tax. These may include a letter from our audit department

If you need to provide information, or want to challenge a Tax Department decision, you can respond online. We'll walk you through the process.

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Informational letters

We may mail you information and resources to make it easier for you to file, pay, and perform other business with the Tax Department. These letters always point to our website, or include a QR code to scan and follow to our website. 

We include much of this same information in our emails. Subscribe today to receive emails with tax tips, news, resources, and more. (If you have an Online Services account, you can additionally sign up to receive certain bills and notices electronically.) 

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