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Governor's Task Force on New Media and the Internet

The Internet and the new media industry which provides content and other electronic and on-line services for the Internet is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. New media companies combine elements of computing technology, telecommunications and creative design to create products and services that can be used interactively by consumers and business users. 

Realizing the importance of this growing industry, Governor Pataki appointed (by Executive Order No. 59—See Appendix) the Governor's Task Force on New Media and the Internet. The group was co-chaired by former Tax Commissioner Michael Urbach and Empire State Development Commissioner Charles Gargano to continue to work toward establishing a State policy that will facilitate the growth of the new media industry and the use of the Internet in New York. In June 1998, 40 representatives of new media companies, telecommunications backbone providers, on-line service companies, various trade associations and government agencies met in New York City to begin the work of the Task Force.  This report identifies the taskforce's proposals and recommendations - the first step for encouraging the new media and Internet industry to expand in New York State.

The following report can be downloaded and saved in pdf format. To view and print our pdf reports, you need an installed copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader -- which is available for free. 

Governor's Task Force on New Media and the Internet Report  (pdf)