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Department of Taxation and Finance

Personal Income Tax Filers Summary Datasets through tax year 2018

These datasets provide annual statistical information from tax year 2015 forward on New York State personal income tax returns filed between January 1 and December 31 of the year after the start of the liability period. The datasets report on full-year resident, full-year nonresident, and part-year resident returns, and include the distribution of New York adjusted gross income and tax liability among numerous other variables.

Caution: The current datasets are based on population data. For tax years prior to 2015, data were based on sample data. Data customers are advised to use caution when drawing conclusions comparing data for tax years prior to 2015 and subsequent tax years.  


Table of Contents

Open Data

The following four data sets are accessible through New York State's Open Data site, Open New York.  Filtered table views are available to highlight useful subsets of the summary data.  All data can be downloaded in multiple formats.      

Data sets

Summary Dataset 1

Filtered Views:
All Places - Totals                     
Full-Year Residents
Nonresidents and Part-Year Residents

Summary Dataset 2

Filtered Views:
All Places - Totals                   
Full-Year Residents

Summary Dataset 3

Filtered Views:
All Filers – Totals                   
Taxable Residents – Major Items
Taxable Residents - Components of Income
Taxable Residents -  Modifications to Income
Taxable Residents -  Deductions & Components
Nonresidents & Part-Year Residents -  Major Items     

Summary Dataset 4

Filtered Views:
All Places – Totals                   
Each Place – Total income
Full Year Residents