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Corporation tax advisory opinions - 1995 (TSB-A)

An Advisory Opinion is issued at the request of a person or entity.  It is limited to the facts set forth therein and is binding on the Department only with respect to the person or entity to whom it is issued and only if the person or entity fully and accurately describes all relevant facts.  An Advisory Opinion is based on the law, regulations, and Department policies in effect as of the date the Opinion is issued or for the specific time period at issue in the Opinion.

Corporation tax advisory opinions - 1995 (TSB-A)
TSB-A-95(21)C John Alden Life Insurance Company of New York
TSB-A-95(20)C Clariden Asset Management (New York) Inc.
TSB-A-95(19)C International Coffee Corporation
TSB-A-95(18)C Alston & Bird
TSB-A-95(17)C K. Van Bourgondien & Sons, Inc.
TSB-A-95(16)C Lumbermens Mutual Casualty Company, American Motorists Insurance Company, and American Manufacturers Mutual Insurance Company
TSB-A-95(15)C Deloitte & Touche, LLP
TSB-A-95(14)C, (5)I The Steinhardt-Caxton Consolidated Settlement Fund
TSB-A-95(13)C Peach Tree Bancard Corporation
TSB-A-95(12)C Nixon, Hargrave, Devans & Doyle
TSB-A-95(11)C Christopher L. Doyle, Esq.
TSB-A-95(10)C We Care Transportation, Inc.
TSB-A-95(9)C Long Island Lighting Company
TSB-A-95(8)C Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation
TSB-A-95(7)C, (1)I Oswego City Savings Bank
TSB-A-95(6)C Long Island Lighting Company
TSB-A-95(5)C Insight Management, Inc.
TSB-A-95(4)C W.R.H.R.E. Corp.
TSB-A-95(3)C Buffalo Paperboard Corporation
TSB-A-95(2)C Pasquale & Bowers
TSB-A-95(1)C Empire Recycling Corporation

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