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Tax Department response to novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

The New York State Tax Department, along with the Governor's office and other agencies throughout the state, is responding to the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) with information for those affected. We will update this page as new information becomes available.

We know your first priority is to keep your family safe and well. It's our first priority too. If you have questions including which counties are currently affected, how to protect yourself, or where to be tested, visit the New York State Department of Health website at Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) New York State is Ready. It's linked to in the banner at the top of every New York State agency website.  

We also understand many of you have concerns about your income tax or other tax returns. We're listening and taking steps to help. Other agencies are also providing assistance and we're linking to those at the bottom of this page. 

These are the questions we're hearing from you together with our response. If you don't see your question below, please ask us using our Taxpayer Experience survey.  We will add general questions and answers here. As always, if you need immediate assistance with a tax question, please contact us.

Questions and answers