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New York eligibility for Direct File

Direct File is a new pilot program that allows eligible New Yorkers to e-file their federal and state personal income tax returns for free. In this first year of the pilot program, Direct File only supports the filing of simple federal and New York State tax returns. Because Direct File is not for everyone this year, it’s important to check to see if Direct File is right for you.

You may be eligible for Direct File if:

  • you were a resident of New York State for the whole tax year, and not a resident of Yonkers
  • you have a simpler return, such as income from wages only and interest income of $1,500 or less
  • you claim the standard deduction
  • you claim only: the Empire State child credit, earned income credit, New York City school tax credit, or household credit

Check the following conditions to determine your eligibility to use Direct File to file your New York State personal income tax return. If you are not eligible to use Direct File, there are other options to file your New York State personal income tax return. see Other e-file options.