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Department of Taxation and Finance

Instructions for Form IT-150, Full-Year Resident Income Tax Return (Short Form) (2005)

The instructions for Forms IT-150 and IT-201 are printed as one booklet for 2005 (download instructions).  The instructions for only Form IT-150 may be downloaded in the parts provided below.

IT-150-I Instructions
Part listingContent
Part 1
(.80 mb)
Pages 1 to 9 - Introductory and general information (Table of Contents, Information on forms redesign, What's new for 2005?, Who must file/which form to file?, Credits for individuals, Credits for businesses, and Other forms you may have to file
Part 2
(.53 mb)
Pages 10 to 21 - Instructions for Form IT-150 (New Form IT-150 at a glance and Steps 1-4 for completing Form IT-150)
Part 3
(.66 mb)
Pages 22 to 35 - Instructions for Form IT-150 (Steps 5-11 for completing Form IT-150 and Checklist)
Part 4
(.88 mb)
Pages 36 to 64 - General information and instructions for both Forms IT-150 and IT-201 (Additional information, School districts and code numbers, NYS Tax Table, worksheets, and NYS tax rate schedule, NYC Tax Table, worksheets, and NYC tax rate schedule)
Part 5
(.32 mb)
Pages 65 to 73 - Instructions for both Forms IT-150 and IT-201 (Sales and use tax information/worksheets, and Voluntary contributions)
Part 8
(.12 mb)
Pages 117 to 120 - Information for both Forms IT-150 and IT-201, including Form IT-86 (forms order blank), the index for the entire booklet, When to file/Important dates and Need help information)