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Other personal income tax forms (current year)

Other personal income tax forms (current year)
Form number Instructions Form title
AU-217 Instructions on form Assignment Separate From Bond
CT-33-D (8/15) CT-33-D-I (Instructions) Tax on Premiums Paid or Payable To an Unauthorized Insurer - For Taxable Insurance Contracts with an Effective Date on or after July 21, 2011. See TSB-M-11(7)C, (7)I for more information.
DTF-281 Not applicable Survivor's Affidavit (For personal income tax replacement refund check requests, which must be completed by a qualified recipient as explained at line 2 on the form, and accompanied by the refund check. No other requests will be processed.)
DTF-620 DTF-620-I (Instructions) Application for Certification of a Qualified Emerging Technology Company
DTF-664 Instructions on form Tax Shelter Disclosure for Material Advisors
DTF-686 (Fill-in) DTF-686-I (Instructions) Tax Shelter Reportable Transactions - Attachment to New York State Return
DTF-686-ATT (Fill-in) DTF-686-ATT-I (Instructions) New York Reportable Transaction Disclosure Statement and Request for a Determination
DTF-4157 DTF-4157 (Instructions) Complaint About New York State Tax Return Preparer
IT-2 (Fill-in) Instructions on form Summary of W-2 Statements
IT-59 (Fill-in) IT-59-I (Instructions) Tax Forgiveness for Victims of the September 11, 2001, Terrorist Attacks
IT-119 (Fill-in) Instructions on form STAR Credit Advance Payment Reconciliation - Attachment to Form IT-201 or IT-203
IT-135 (Fill-in) Instructions on form Sales and Use Tax Report For Purchases of Items and Services Costing $25,000 or More
IT-182 (Fill-in) Instructions on form Passive Activity Loss Limitations For Nonresidents and Part-Year Residents
IT-201-V (Fill-in) Instructions on form Instructions and Payment Voucher for Income Tax Returns
IT-204-IP (Fill-in) IT-204-IP-I (Instructions) New York Partner's Schedule K-1. (The instructions are for the partner. Partnership instructions are in Form IT-204-I.)
IT-211 (Fill-in) IT-211-I (Instructions) Special Depreciation Schedule
IT-223 (Fill-in) Instructions on form Innovation Hot Spot Deduction
IT-225 (Fill-in) IT-225-I (Instructions) New York State Modifications
IT-227 (Fill-in) Instructions on form New York State Voluntary Contributions
IT-230 (Fill-in) IT-230-I (Instructions) Separate Tax on Lump-Sum Distributions
IT-280 (Fill-in) Instructions on form Nonobligated Spouse Allocation
IT-285 (Fill-in) IT-285-I (Instructions) Request for Innocent Spouse Relief (and Separation of Liability and Equitable Relief). Also see Publication 89, Innocent Spouse Relief (And Separation of Liability And Equitable Relief), for additional information.
IT-398 (Fill-in) Instructions on form New York State Depreciation Schedule for IRC Section 168(k) Property
IT-399 (Fill-in) Instructions on form New York State Depreciation Schedule
IT-501 (Fill-in) Instructions on form Temporary Deferral Nonrefundable Payout Credit
IT-502 Discontinued Temporary Deferral Refundable Payout Credit. This form was discontinued
IT-558 (Fill-in) IT-558 (Instructions) New York State Adjustments due to Decoupling from the IRC - Attachment to Form IT-201, IT-203, IT-204, or IT-205. This form was discontinued.
IT-1099-R (Fill-in) Instructions on form Summary of Federal Form 1099-R Statements
IT-2102.6 (Fill-in) Instructions on form Certificate of Income Tax Withheld
IT-2105.9 (Fill-in) IT-2105.9-I (Instructions) Underpayment of Estimated Income Tax By Individuals and Fiduciaries - for tax year 2023

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