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Department of Taxation and Finance

Manufactured Home Parks Registration

Manufactured Home Parks Registration (MHPR)

Starting June 2020:

Registration for manufactured home parks has a new home at the Tax Department!

What's new?

The New York State Tax Department is developing a new application for Manufactured Home Parks Registration. This will allow us to:

  • offer you an updated online application similar to those you already use to report and pay your New York State individual and business taxes;
  • view and report all your park data; and
  • share updated information with the Office of Real Property Tax Services to facilitate STAR check delivery to those who qualify.

Now you’ll be able to

  • manually enter or upload your lot information, and
  • update your park information throughout the year.

To make sure each agency has what it needs to better serve you and your manufactured home community and to provide information for STAR, you must register twice each year: in June and in December. You must provide lot details, including lot numbers, physical addresses, monthly lot rent, and names of adult residents.

Note: Updating your park information outside of the June and December registration periods does not fulfill your registration requirement.

What stays the same?

While you'll be registering and updating your information on the Tax Department website, you'll continue to contact HCR for the following:

  • adding a new manufactured home park
  • responding to resident complaints
  • resolving a registration delinquency notice issued by HCR

What do I do next?

If you are the primary park contact for one or more manufactured home parks, registration is easier than ever! Select Request Account and answer a few quick questions. We'll process your request and follow up by mail with everything you need to access your new account and register online. You can even complete your online registration using your mobile phone or tablet; our applications are mobile responsive and simple to complete. 

  1. Select Request Account, below, to gain access to the new registration application. You'll register here on the Tax Department website beginning with your June 2020 registration update.
  2. Subscribe to our Manufactured home park owners subscription service for email reminders, updates, and tips to make registration fast and simple.

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