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2019 emergency adoptions—real property tax services

Unless otherwise noted, emergency adoptions will expire 90 days after filing with the Secretary of State.

December 27, 2019

Emergency Adoption and Proposal as a Permanent Rule of Amendments to Real Property Tax Administration Regulations to add a new Part 8300 to 20 NYCRR. The rule adds a new Part 8300 to the Real Property Tax Administration regulations to allow school districts to increase their property tax levy above the levy limit for certain costs resulting from capital local expenditures that reflect a school district’s share of additional budgeted capital expenditures made by a board of cooperative educational services. Education Law section 2023-a(2)(c) and Tax Law section 171, subdivision First.

Text of emergency adoption

SAPA documentation

Submitted for publication in the 01/15/2020 edition of the State Register.