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Department of Taxation and Finance

Brownfield Credit Redevelopment Developer Reports Received in Calendar Year 2010

All developers and their lessees are required by law (Tax Law section 171-s) to submit a brownfield redevelopment report within one year after the execution of a Brownfield Cleanup Agreement and annually for 11 years thereafter. The report contains actual amounts or estimates of state and local taxes generated by the activities of the businesses and employees operating on the brownfield site.

To assist taxpayers in complying with this mandate, the Department created form DTF-70, Brownfield Redevelopment Report. However, taxpayers may submit the required information in a different format if they so choose.

The following developer reports, listed by brownfield site name, were received in 2010. Each file contains information as reported directly by taxpayers.

110 Luther Avenue Site Future Love Road Guardian Self Storage Facility
200-218 Morgan Avenue Gateway Center at Bronx Terminal Market
388 Bridge Street Mid-Block #57 Project
1915 Erie Boulevard East (former Carbacio Auto) Midler City Industrial Park
Alco-Maxon Site Parcel A Monoco Oil Site
Alco-Maxon Site Parcel B Niagara Transformer Corporation - East Lot
Alco-Maxon Site Parcel C OCA LIC Fifth Street Mixed Use Housing
American Bag & Metal Parkview Commons
American Bag & Metal - 2 Queens West Waterfront Development
Club East Queens West Waterfront Development - 2
College Park Site River Park Commons Tower
Cornerstone Site - B - 1 River Park Commons Townhouses
East River Plaza River Place II West 42nd Street Gas Works
Former Griffin Technology Site Roberts Road Redevelopment Site
Former Tidewater Terminal West 19th Street Development Site
Former Tidewater Terminal - 2 Yonkers Parcels B & C