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Department of Taxation and Finance

Analysis of Article 9-A General Business Corporation Franchise Tax Credits for 1997 - Link to Credit Claim Forms

Credit Claim Forms
Credit Claim FormCredit Type
CT-3-ATT Alternative Minimum Tax Credit  CT-3/4-I (Instructions)
CT-43 Claim for Special Additional Mortgage Recording Tax Credit
CT-45 Claim for Eligible Business Facility Tax Credit
CT-46 Claim for Investment Tax Credit and Employment Incentive Credit  CT-46-I (Instructions)
CT-47 Claim for Farmer's School Tax Credit (Agricultural Property Tax Credit)  CT-47-I (Instructions)
DTF-601 Claim for EDZ Wage Tax Credit  DTF-601-I (Instructions)
DTF-601.1 Claim for ZEA Wage Tax Credit  DTF-601.1-I (Instructions)
DTF-602 Claim for EDZ Capital Tax Credit  DTF-602-I (Instructions)
DTF-603 Claim for EDZ Investment Tax Credit and EDZ Employment Incentive Tax Credit  DTF-603-I (Instructions)