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Employee roles on Business accounts

Business Master Administrator

Business Master Administrators (BMAs) must be a partner, owner, or officer of the business. BMAs have access to all services the Tax Department offers through the Business account and may add other employees to the account.

BMAs have access to Master Administrator Summary and may add or remove BMAs from the Business account. Note: A Business account may have up to two BMAs.

BMAs have access to User Summary and may:

  • add an employee as a User to the Business account,
  • update a User’s administrative permissions,
  • update the services a User can access on behalf of the business,
  • reset a User's password,
  • update a User's email address and phone number,
  • remove Users from the account, and
  • delete the Business account.

BMAs have access to Tax Professional Summary and may manage the tax professionals that are authorized to access and receive confidential tax information and conduct transactions on behalf of the business. See Manage tax professional authorizations in Online Services for more information.


Users can access assigned services on behalf of the business.

Users may be given access to manage other Users or tax professionals. See Administrative permissions for Business accounts for more information.

There is no limit to the number of Users you can have on a Business account.