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Digital certificates

The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance (hereinafter “DTF”) takes taxpayer information confidentiality and computer security very seriously. DTF’s Web site uses industry standard security measures. We also employ the use of digital certificates on our Web site to provide a secure, encrypted connection between capable Web browsers and our Web servers. This secure, encrypted connection is required by our servers whenever and wherever you are asked to enter information that may be considered confidential.

DTF maintains a number of secure applications on multiple servers. All use the domain name of "", but each server is individually identified within the URL by a unique prefix (for example: and Each secure server maintains its own extended validation digital certificate obtained from the certification authority, Entrust.  

DTF's secure web applications display this certificate information at the top of the browser bar. Here's an example:

 Example of a browser bar containing certificate information

  • While using one of our secure applications, you could click on this green area and it would display information which will validate that you've reached a secure DTF server.

Example of an Entrust certificate

Example of the detailed Entrust certificate information