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STAR (School Tax Relief) exemption forms

You must file exemption applications with your local assessor’s office. See Municipal Profiles for your local assessor’s mailing address. Do not file any exemption applications—except Form RP-425-GC—with the Department of Taxation and Finance or with the Office of Real Property Tax Services.
STAR (School Tax Relief) exemption forms
Form number Instructions Form title
RP-425 Not applicable Application for School Tax Relief (STAR) Exemption. This form has been replaced by Forms RP-425-B and RP-425-E. 
NYC-STAR  Instructions on form Homeowner Tax Benefit Application for STAR Exemption (New York City Finance)
Nassau County Not applicable Property Tax Exemption Forms (excluding Glen Cove)
RP-425-B (Fill-in) Instructions on form Application for Basic STAR Exemption
RP-425-Dnl-Basic (Fill-in) Not applicable  Notice of Denial of Application for Basic STAR Exemption
RP-425-Dnl-Enhanced (Fill-in) Not applicable  Notice of Denial of Application for Enhanced STAR Exemption
RP-425-E (Fill-in) Instructions on Form Application for Enhanced STAR Exemption
RP-425-GC (Fill-in) RP-425-GC-I Application for an Extension of the Enhanced STAR Deadline
RP-425-IVP (Fill-in) Instructions on form Supplement to Form RP-425-E
RP-425-TPN (Fill-in) Instructions on form Request for Mailing of Notice to a Third Party Regarding Enhanced STAR Exemption
RP-425-Wkst (Fill-in) Not applicable  Income for STAR Purposes Worksheet