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STAR (School Tax Relief)

Form numberInstructionsForm title
Residents of NYC and Nassau County see links at the bottom
RP-425 (Fill-in) Instructions on form Application for School Tax Relief (STAR) Exemption (Note:Your assessor may require you to submit proof of residency and ownership with your completed RP-425 form. See the form instructions for details or contact your local assessor.) If you are a New York City resident, please use the NYC-STAR link below to obtain the application for New York City.
RP-425-Dnl-Basic (Fill-in) Not Applicable  Notice of Denial of Application for Basic STAR Exemption
RP-425-Dnl-Enhanced (Fill-in) Not Applicable  Notice of Denial of Application for Enhanced STAR Exemption
RP-425-IVP (Fill-in) Instructions on form School Tax Relief (STAR) Exemption; Optional Income Verification Program
RP-425-Rnw (Fill-in) Instructions on form Renewal Application for Enhanced School Tax Relief (STAR) Exemption
RP-425-TPN (Fill-in) Instructions on form Request for Mailing of Notice to a Third Party Regarding Enhanced STAR Exemption
RP-425-Wkst (Fill-in) Not Applicable  Income for STAR Purposes Worksheet
NYC-STAR Instructions on form Exemption Application for Homeowners (New York City Finance)
Nassau County Not Applicable Property Tax Exemption Forms (excluding Glen Cove)
Updated: May 28, 2015