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DMV transaction forms

Enter your keyword/search term and then select a tax year, tax, and click "Search". To find the correct sales tax return, select the year in which the sales tax year ends. For example, select 2010 to find the June 1, 2009 - August 31, 2009 period sales tax return.

Form numberInstructionsForm title
DTF-802 Instructions on form Statement of Transaction--Sale or Gift of Motor Vehicle, Trailer, All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), Vessel (Boat), or Snowmobile Link to New York State Department of Motor Vehicles
DTF-803 Instructions on form Claim for Sales and Use Tax Exemption - Title/Registration Motor Vehicle, Trailer, All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), Vessel (Boat), or Snowmobile
DTF-804 Instructions on form Statement of Transaction - Claim for Credit of Sales Tax Paid to Another State - For Motor Vehicle, Trailer, All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), Vessel, or Snowmobile
DTF-805 Instructions on form Schedule of Multiple Transactions - Casual Sale of Motor Vehicle
DTF-806 Instructions on form Application for Refund or Credit of Sales or Use Tax Paid on a Casual Sale of Motor Vehicle
DTF-820 Instructions on form Certificate of Nonresidency of New York State and/or Local Taxing Jurisdiction

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Updated: March 23, 2016