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Find a Taxpayer Assistance Program (TAP) session

Find a Taxpayer Assistance Program (TAP) session

Get tax help and file for free!

During a TAP session, Tax Department Associates will walk you through your income tax returns, step by step, as you complete your own tax return. It’s quick and easy! We’ll help you prepare and electronically file your income tax returns at no cost, either remotely or in-person.

If you qualify, you can even request the software link and file your own return without assistance.

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Online Registration

Register to attend a session using the registration link for your chosen day and Tax Partner, below.

Note: If you need to change or cancel your appointment with a Tax Partner that uses:

• a registration email and number, use the email or phone number to cancel or change your appointment.
• a register button, use the link in your confirmation email to change or cancel your appointment.