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Department of Taxation and Finance

ACH debit block information

Debit blocks protect your bank accounts from unauthorized electronic charges. If you need to authorize debit payments to the Tax Department from a bank account with a debit block, you must communicate with your bank to authorize these payments. Your bank will process only these authorized transactions.

To ensure your debit payments are successful, you should:

  1. Speak with your bank before setting up a debit payment.
  2. Provide the ACH company ID and name, from the chart below, to your bank for the type of tax payment you need to make. (PrompTax filers—use the PrompTax-specific ACH company IDs and names provided at the bottom of the page.) 

Note: If you don't provide the ACH company ID and name, your bank may reject the payment and the Tax Department may send you a bill for the amount due, including penalty and interest.  

Debit information for bills
Bill paymentACH company IDACH company name
Bill (assessment)—all taxes audit case payments—all taxes E146013200 NYS DTF BILL PYT

Note: The above ACH company ID and name apply to all tax bills, regardless of tax type.

Debit information for types of non-PrompTax payments
Type of tax paymentACH company IDACH company name
Beverage container H146013200 NYS DTF BEV CTNR
Cigarette stamp F146013200 NYS DTF CIG STMP
Corporation tax (e-file) G146013200 NYS DTF CT
Highway use tax registrations and renewals J146013200 NYS DTF HUT RNWL
Highway Use Tax Web File I146013200 NYS DTF HUT
Installment payment agreement (IPA) E146013200 NYS DTF BILL PYT
International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) return payment K146013200 NYS DTF IFTA
International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) renewal L146013200 NYS DTF IFTA RNL
Metropolitan commuter transportation mobility tax (MCTMT) 7146013200 NYS DTF MCTMT
Personal income tax

(extensions, estimated tax, and returns [including Limited Liability Form IT-204-LL and Fiduciary])

N146013200 NYS DTF PIT
Petroleum business tax (PBT) T146013200 NYS DTF PBT
Sales tax (Sales Tax Web File) O146013200

Note: The first character is the letter O.

Tax preparer registration fee P146013200 NYS DTF TAX PREP
Tax on medallion taxicab M146013200 NYS DTF TAXI
Transportation Network Company (TNC) assessment 2146013200 NYS DTF TNC ASMT
Unemployment insurance

(Form NYS-45)

Q146013200 NYS DOL UI
Waste tire management fee R146013200 NYS DTF TIRE
Wireless Communications Surcharge U146013200 NYS DTF WCS PYMT
Withholding tax

(Form NYS-45 and Form NYS-1)

S146013200 NYS DTF WT


Debit information for types of PrompTax payments
PrompTax paymentACH company IDACH company name
PrompTax MCTMT 7146013200 NYS DTF MCTMT
PrompTax withholding tax 6146013200 NYS DTF PROMP WT
PrompTax prepaid sales tax on motor fuel and diesel motor fuel 8146013200 NYS DTF PROMP ST
PrompTax sales tax 8146013200 NYS DTF PROMP ST
PrompTax petroleum business tax 9146013200 NYS DTF PROMP PT