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Department of Taxation and Finance

Empire Zone/Qualified Empire Zone Enterprise Credits:  Tax Year2004 - Personal Income Tax Credit Claim Forms

The following credit forms may be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat pdf format.  To view and print pdf reports, you need an installed copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader -- which is available for free.

Credit Claim Forms
Credit claim formCredit type
Forms for Credits Available to Taxpayers for Tax Year 2004
IT-601 Claim for EZ Wage Tax Credit  IT-601-I (Instructions)
IT-601.1 Claim for ZEA Wage Tax Credit  IT-601.1-I (Instructions)


Claim for EZ Capital Tax Credit  IT-602-I (Instructions)
IT-603 Claim for EZ Investment Tax Credit and EZ Employment Incentive Credit  IT-603-I (Instructions)
IT-604 Claim for QEZE Credit for Real Property Taxes and QEZE Tax Reduction Credit IT-604-I (Instructions)
IT-605 Claim for EZ Investment Tax Credit and EDZ Employment Incentive Credit for the Financial Services Industry  IT-605-I (Instructions)