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Department of Taxation and Finance

Survey of Railroad and Utility Taxation Practices Among the States: 2005 Update


1. Basis for taxation:

NA -- there are no railroads in Hawaii and all utilities are eligible to file for exempt status.

2. Property subject to taxation:

Taxable:     Gross income of public utilities in lieu of all other taxes except income taxes, utility fees, employment taxes, use taxes and county utility franchise taxes.

Exempt:     All utility property is exempt from ad valorem taxation per application.

3. Classification (if applicable):

Not applicable.

4. Level of government which determines basis for tax liability - ad valorem property tax:

Not applicable.

5. Report filing and valuation method(s) required by statute for ad valorem taxation::

Not applicable.

6. Practical application of valuation method(s)::

Not applicable.

7. Valuation treatment of large facilities such as power plants, dams, or rail yards:

Not applicable.

8. Apportionment method(s) required by statute:

Not applicable.

9. Practical application or apportionment requirements:

Not applicable.

10. Apportionment treatment of large facilities such as power plants, dams, or rail yards:

Not applicable.

11. Description of assessment appeals system:

Not applicable regarding utility and railroad valuation and assessment.

12. Status of deregulation/restructuring of electric generating and impact on valuation and apportionment methods used:

Not applicable.

13. State Government Staffing:

None. Hawaii exempts utility property from ad valorem taxation as per application. Furthermore, there are not taxable railroads in Hawaii.

Law Source(s):     Hawaii revised statutes, Chapters 293, 240

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