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Department of Taxation and Finance

Valuation issues team

Team Charter:

February, 2008

Purpose of team

Discuss, build understanding and develop recommendations on valuation related issues to provide direction and guidance to the real property assessment community in New York State.

Process owner



Valuation related issues, the heart of any ad valorem real property tax administration, are often the root cause or harbingers of tax policy issues. These symptoms are often manifested by economically and politically unpopular tax shifts, well intended, but ill-conceived exemptions, and sometimes expensive litigation and unpopular case law. Reactive attempts have been made to address valuation issues as problems have arisen. Depending on time available, independent efforts have often been initiated by State, county, or local government groups or certain collaborative efforts among the groups with limited scope ad hoc teams. Some teams, formed to address specific issues, have addressed a broad range of issues due to the lack of other appropriate forums. The expanded scope of issues and responsibilities was not anticipated by the participants when they originally agreed to participate. Team members often felt ill equipped to address certain issues and over-burdened with meeting time and commitment requirements. Valuation issues continuously occur and preemptive understanding and planning may eliminate unwanted consequences. Currently such things as, forestry and timber valuation, agricultural valuation, utility deregulation, and industrial equipment and plant obsolescence effect computer assisted valuation systems, assessment and appraisal training, valuation data requirements. Potential ramifications and impacts should be addressed with thorough, comprehensive, and accurate communications among all parties, so sound tax policy decisions can be evaluated.


  • Assessors
  • County Directors of Real Property Services
  • ORPS staff including those in:
    • State Valuation Services (SVS)
    • Regional Customer Service Delivery (RCSD)
    • Central Valuation Services Unit (CVSU)
    • Real Property Systems (RPS)
    • Training Unit


  • Team will deal with all valuation related issues forming specific sub-teams if necessary on specialized issues of limited scope requiring specialized understanding and expertise
  • Team will make reports annually to RPTAC on the scope and progress of their activities
  • Team will meet with time and locations determined by team consensus
  • Team decision-making will be by consensus, yet any collaborative efforts are non-binding on represented organizations


  • Team members will include twelve members; (4) assessors, (4) county directors and (4) ORPS
  • Team members will be designated by the respective leaders of NYSAA, CDRPTS, and ORPS
  • Other attendees may be brought into meetings to address specific valuation issues or topics
  • Duration of the team is continuous and appointments to the team are at the discretion of the leadership, however, membership should be reviewed annually with some effort made to retain some continuity.


  • Review, recommend and coordinate revisions as necessary to valuation methodology, systems, and training content
  • Investigate any valuation discrepancies among the organizations making a report on findings and conclusions to RPTAC
  • Encourage collaboration among assessing units and various levels of government to:
    • improve the consistency of application of valuation methodology
    • sharing of appropriate valuation information in support of all 3 approaches to value
  • Evaluate valuation alternatives and formulate recommendations in compliance with USPAP, IAAO standards and NYS Laws, Rules and Regulations
  • Review valuation standards and guidelines for additions, deletions and modifications
  • Assist the assessment community by responding to valuation related questions through the various organizations websites
  • Improve the understanding of valuation trends and issues among the assessment community leadership and broader governmental leadership to improve the real property assessment administration system


Status reports to RPTAC periodically