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Department of Taxation and Finance

Minutes for October 23, 2014

Real Property Tax Administration Committee

Minutes: October 23, 2014

Location: Vernon, NY

In Attendance


  • Roger Tibbetts
  • Patrick Duffy
  • Paul Smith
  • Robert Criddle
  • Dennis Ketcham
  • Todd Wiley
  • Sue Otis

County Directors

  • Dawn Allen
  • Jay Franklin
  • Steve Harris
  • Daniel Martonis
  • Suzette Booy
  • Paul Warneck


  • Teresa Frank
  • Joe Gerberg
  • Pat Holland
  • Susan Savage

Facilitator: Alan Kresge


Thursday 10/23



Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.


No action items.


Legislation is needed to provide relief to new homeowners who mistakenly registered for STAR but failed to apply with the local assessor’s office.

Todd Wiley inquired about homeowners with a tax liability that were denied and then re-file. Homeowner must pay the full tax liability to be reinstated. Once the liability is settled Tax will notify the assessor.

The possibility that ORPTS will take ownership of the STAR program was discussed. Legislation must be introduced by the assessors and county directors.  ORPTS is not in a position to do this.

Jay Franklin inquired about 1500 bank coded parcels not sent. This is an isolated instance and ORPTS is in the process of getting these parcels.


Todd Wiley led a discussion on the frustration small claims hearings are having on the current complaint process. Court are telling the assessors to settle and giving little time to settle each case.  Looking for support and guidance from ORPTS.  Not much ORPTS can do since the executive branch has no authority over the judicial branch. Decision was to set up a group of assessors and county directors to gather firm data/examples of the issues and present to the Association of Towns and then share with the Office of Court Administration.  Updates and further discussion on this are to be discussed at the February RPTAC meeting.



Limited discussion. Tom Donato, assessor in Nassau and Suffolk counties, agreed ORPTS followed the procedures.  Not a topic for this committee.


Manual has been still. A rewrite is ready to go.  Need an ORPTS representative (Pat Holland will provide).


Todd Wiley asked if 3 new property class codes could be developed to address the issue of building shells on vacant land. Todd would like a residential, commercial and industrial code.


Discussion on having the STAR Savings Cap amount printed on the school tax bill.  It would help to reduce the number of inquiries assessors get about the STAR Saving Credit if the taxpayer knew the maximum STAR savings (Basic or Enhanced) for their school district. County directors did not feel this would be a benefit.  Could cause more questions/problems.

Each tax bill has mandatory language. Additional information can be added.  The group had both favorable and unfavorable comments about this.  There was no agreement.


Proposals are in.  ORPTS staff only for proposal review.  After contract is rewarded, externals can be involved in the gap analysis.

Next Meeting Date: Wednesday February 4th, 2015  (Indigo Hotel, Latham)