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Department of Taxation and Finance

Real Property Tax Administration Committee

Thursday, January 17, 2013, 1:00pm–4:30pm, and Friday, January 18, 2013, 8:30am–11:20am

The Indigo Hotel - 254 Wolf Rd. (Rt. 155) Latham, NY, 12110

  • Facilitator:  Alan Kresge    
  • Recorder:  Geoff Gloak
Thursday, January 17, 2013
Item Results Lead Time
a. Get organized Introduce new members. Alan Kresge 1:00–1:05
Review minutes from last meeting and finalize.
Review action items.
Review agenda and make necessary changes.
b. Agency update Information sharing. Susan Savage 1:05–1:10
c. Legislative update Information sharing. Paul Miller and Joe Gerberg 1:10–1:25
d. RFI for replacement for RPSV4 Information sharing. Pat Holland 1:25–1:55
e. Assessors proposal to improve STAR Information sharing. Terri Ross 1:55–2:15
f. Renunciation of exemptions Information sharing. Denise Trudell 2:15–2:30
g. Removal of STAR for state tax delinquents Information sharing. Tim Maher 2:30–3:00
Break 3:00–3:15
h. Identification and removal of inappropriate STAR exceptions Information sharing. Tim Maher 3:15–4:15
i. Meeting schedule for 2013 Discussion. Alan Kresge 4:15–4:25
j. First day wrap up Meeting review. Alan Kresge 4:25–4:30
Meeting feedback and Friday hand outs.
Friday, January 18, 2013
Item Results Lead Time 
k. Get organized Review agenda and make necessary changes. Alan Kresge 8:30–8:40
l. Amendments to RFP for reassessments Information sharing. Tom Frey 8:40–8:55
m. Impact of tax certiorari decision on equalization rates Information sharing. Todd Wiley  8:55–9:15
n. Advisory appraisals Information sharing. Todd Wiley 9:15–9:30
o. Sub—group activity updates
Valuation issues team RPTAC brought up to date on sub—groups, discussion and next steps. Pat Holland, Julie Parker and Tony Ilacqua 9:30–10:15
Property class code
Equalization project team—new RAR process
p. 5217 Bar code project Information sharing. Colleen Benson 10:15–11:15
q. Meeting wrap up  Review action items and member responsibilities. Alan Kresge 11:15–11:20
Topics for next meeting.
Next meeting date and location.

RPTAC members
Assessors County directors ORPTS
Todd J. Wiley (T.  New Windsor) Paul Warneck (Jefferson) Tim Maher (RSB)
Cathy Conklin (T. Clarkstown) Dawn Allen (Orleans) Pat Holland  (ECSB)
Denise Trudell (T. Clayton, T. Orleans, T. Montague, T. Osceola, T. Albion) John McCarey (Orange) Tom Bellard (VSB)
Tom Frey (NYS Assessor's Assoc.) Jay Franklin (Tompkins) Teresa Frank (Syracuse Regional Director)
Randy Holcomb (Chautauqua multiple towns) Tim Murphy (Monroe) Joe Gerberg (Counsel's Office)
Robert A. Criddle (T.  Ogden) Steve Harris (Chenango) Susan Savage (Asst Dpty Commissioner)
Alternate assessors Alternate county directors Alternate ORPTS members
Curtis Schoeberl (T. Shawangunk) Laura Vanvalkenburg (Greene) Paul Szwedo (ECSB)
Sue Otis (T. Malta-retired)

Active RPTAC teams and sub—committees
Equalization project team (sub—committee)
Assessors County directors ORPTS
Colleen Adamec (T. Greenwich) Joanne Bosley (Saratoga) Pat Holland
J. Todd Wiley (T. New Windsor) Mike Sabansky (Delaware) Tim Maher
Edye McCarthy (T. Greenburgh) Jim Bastain (Seneca) Tom Pinto (North)
Curtis Schoeberl (T. Shawangunk) Jay Franklin (Tompkins)
Tom Donato (V. Lake Success) Martine Ganyo (Clinton)
Jeannete Tummons (Franklin)
John Shoemaker (Niagara)
Lynda Levine (Sullivan)

Valuation issues team
Assessors County directors ORPTS
Patrick Duffy (T. of Manlius and W. Monroe) George Michaud (Putnam) Tony Ilacqua
Josette Polzella, IAO (T. Ossining) Joe Pukos (Livingston) Tara Hoffman (Newburgh)
Colleen Adamec (T. Greenwich) Penny Wells-LaVelle (Suffolk, email only) Sheryl Klewicki (Melville)
Mary Ann Barbuto (Herkimer, email only)

Sales processing team
Assessors County directors ORPTS
Larry Quinn (T. Arcadia) Tim Murphy (Monroe) Pat Holland
Christine Fusco (T. Clarence) Jay Franklin (Tompkins) Kim Manley
Kandace Wittmeyer (T. of Marilla, Elma, West Seneca and Bennington) Eric Axleson (Dutchess) Jack Conroy

Public education subgroup
Assessors County directors ORPTS
Denise Trudell (T. Clayton, T. Montague, T. Albion, T. Osceola, T. Orleans) Tom Bloodgood (Schuyler and Chemung) Melanie Koch (Batavia)
Dave Marrano (T. Lancaster) Robin Johnson Meighan Reed (North)
Kandace Wittmeyer (T. of Marilla, Elma, West Seneca and Bennington)

Property class code team
Assessors County directors ORPTS
Patrick Duffy (T. of Manlius and W. Monroe) Peter Galarneau (Fulton) Julie Parker (North)
William Quick (Freemont) Russ Sugg (Batavia)
Michael Sommer (Denning and Wawarsing)