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Department of Taxation and Finance

Equalization Project Team

October 10, 2007

10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.;
Albany Office


Assessors:  Tom Frey, Todd Wiley, Curt Schoeberl

County:  John Noto, Lynda Levine

ORPS:  Pat Holland, Tim Maher, HK Lo, Tom Pinto, Lauren Denison(AM)

From the RPTAC Valuation Issues Team 10 a.m. -12:00 p.m.:

Assessors:   Colleen Adamec

County:  George Michaud,

ORPS:  Steve Beals

 Trend Maps

ORPS created three maps (major type A, major type B and major type C) with “trends” that were used in the calculation of the full value estimated for the 2007 rate calculation. 

Maps will be recreated when data for the 2008 rate cycle is available.  This should monitored  continuously.

An informative discussion on the trend methodology occurred.  When trends are discussed the time frame is important.  Trends used for the 2007 rate cycle measure up to July 1, 2006. Stratification of the commercial trends can be found on the web page in the two report listed below.

Details that were discussed can be found on the ORPS web site

valuing & assessing real property, pre-decisional collaboration 

ORPS' Market Analysis Process:

  • Overview of ORPS' Market Analysis Process (2007)
  • 2007 Guidelines for Determining Aggregate Market Adjustment Factors for Equalization Rates

The pre-decisional collaboration process is an important step in understanding and arriving at the correct market adjustment factors(trends).  The quality of data and the analysis that occurs must be reviewed.

RPS V4 does have features that provide some ability to perform this type of analysis.

Pre-decisional Collaboration

PDC Information Sessions for 2008 Full Value Measurement have been scheduled.

Newburgh 10/23/07, Hauppauge 10/24/07, Batavia 10/25/07, Albany 10/25/07, Ray Brook 10/26/07 and Syracuse 10/30/07.

The general schedule and presentation were handed out and both are on the ORPS web site.  Tom Pinto will periodically email the PDC status.

Rule and Legislation

A large print senior citizen exemption form is now available.

Cold War Veterans exemption forms are available.

The following Rules were adopted:

amendments concerning public access to records - Part 185

amendments concerning training and certification for local government officials - Part 188

amendments concerning Real Property System fees - Part 190


Market Value Survey Procedure for 2008 State Equalization Rates for Cities, Towns, Village Homestead Assessing Units and Counties


Procedures for 2008 Special Equalization Rates for Certain Parts of Cities and Towns

Will be presented to the Board for adoption at the November 13, 2007 board meeting.

Future of Team

The team meets regularly, at least 4 times a year and attendance is good.  The equalization process is not simple and the committee feels the meetings accomplish things.  The annual report needs to be drafted.

Farm study update

Phase I of the study is progressing – the Farm Bureau, the Department of Ag and Market, Jay Franklin.  Sometime the first of the year ORPS will create a database.  A phase II  of the study will be needed.

Action items:

1)      trend maps for 2008 – when data is available

2)      PDC status reports- email monthly

3)      Report on the PDC information sessions held in October

Next Meeting: Wednesday, January 9, 2008 in the ORPS Newburgh and Syracuse offices, 10 to 3.  We will video-conference between the two offices. 

1)      2008 PDC meeting status

2)      2008 equalization rate schedule

3)      Impact of 5% tolerance in neighboring towns

4)      Ideas for 2009 and beyond