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Department of Taxation and Finance


Thursday –June 4th, 2009 (1:00pm – 4:30pm)
Friday – June 5th, 2009 (8:30am- 11:50pm)

Facilitator: Alan Kresge
Recorder: Alan Kresge

Day 1 - Thursday, June 4th, 2009
Assessors: Timothy Sheares, Tom Frey, Peggy Jenkins, Curtis Schoeberl, Larry Quinn, Sue Otis, Christine Fusco
County Directors: David Jackson, John McCarey, Robin Johnson, Tim Murphy, Mike Swan
ORPS: Vic Mallison, Jim O'Keeffe, Richard Harris, Tim Maher, Lee Kyriacou

Get Organized: Alan Kresge reviewed the agenda; there were no changes or additions.

  1. Assessment Administration Guide (AAG) – ORPS Executive Director Lee Kyriacou initiated a discussion about what was expected from ORPS with regards to the Assessment Administration Guide RPTAC has been working on. Lee reinforced that the charge from the State Board was to come up with a set of standards (code) for assessment administration. Lee stated ORPS position that the current version of the AAG is neither uniform nor a code. At this time ORPS' can't endorse the document that RPTAC has been working on since it does not meet our directive from the State Board. Robin stated "the board did not give us direction about the Uniform Assessment Code."
    The group decided that they would continue working on the AAG and finalize a version without ORPS' name on it. In addition ORPS will work on their own Uniform Assessment Code document. Lee commented that we should put a couple of ideas out there and let the State Board and politicians decide where we should go with this. The following proposal was made: finish AAG document, ORPS revamps the AAG to our liking and redraft as standards, both versions brought back to RPTAC to determine buy-in. The group continued and finished its work on the AAG document.
    Reassessment cycle survey results:
    23 – annual
    15 – 2 years
    182 – 3 years
    104 – 4 years
    21 – 10 years

    Action Item #31: Tom Frey will make suggested changed to the AAG and sent to RPTAC.

    Action Item #32: Representative (Sue/Dave) from RPTAC will meet with State Board to discuss Uniform Assessment Code.

    Action Item #33: ORPS revamps the AAG and produces Uniform Assessment Code document (Jim O'Keeffe). 

    1. Oblique and Orthogonal Photography – Tim Maher shared with the group the details of a meeting with a vendor who discussed oblique and orthogonal photography software. This type of software allows the user to capture different views of an image and notice relevant details that can enhance the ability to value properties. Other RPTAC members discussed their experiences with this type of technology. The general feeling was that this type of technology was both useful and accepted by assessment officials  
    2. Reimbursement for Training – Tim explained that the State Board adopted emergency rules effective October 1, 2009 concerning training and certification of local assessment administration personnel, including the payment of reimbursement to local officials for expenses in complying with the requirement of Part 188. Students may only carry 24 hrs of credit from year to year as opposed to 72 hrs. No reimbursement for classes earning no credit.
      No approval yet for Assessor and County Directors conferences. Some courses have been approved but not the location.  

    First Day Wrap-Up: Alan Kresge reviewed the action items.

    Adjournment at 4:30 pm.

Day 2 - Friday, June 5th, 2009

Assessors: Curtis Schoeberl, Sue Otis, Larry Quinn

County Directors: David Jackson, Robin Johnson, Tim Murphy, Randy Holcomb, Mike Swan

ORPS: Jim O'Keeffe, Richard Harris, Tim Maher, Don Card, Lee Kyriacou, Vic Mallison

Facilitator: Alan Kresge
Recorder: Alan Kresge

Get Organized:
Alan Kresge reviewed the agenda; there were no changes or additions.

        1. Valuation Issues Team (Steve Beals) - Steve Beals, as per action item #27, redrafted the Parcel Size Matters document. After a quick review the group decided that the document should be redrafted to say that this is an optional method and is not required. Steve will circulate to RPTAC once redrafted and give RPTAC members 1 week to comment. The PSM document, once completed, will be published in the Property Tax Monitor. 

      Action Item #34 Redraft Parcel Size Matters document to say that this is an optional method and is not required. Steve will circulate to RPTAC once redrafted and give RPTAC members 1 week to comment. (Steve Beals) 

        1. Sales Processing Team (Tim Maher) - Tim Maher reported that there has not been another SPT meeting since the last RPTAC meeting. Tim also reported that Orange and Onondaga counties have joined Dutchess county in testing of the automated 5217 sales process.
          David Jackson asked that ORPS give 3 months notice before the process to begin correcting sales for RAR calculation begin 


        1. Property Class Code Team (Dave Shanley) – Dave reported that the Property Class Code team received a request from the City of Buffalo's Assessment Office for a new property class code to describe a medium sized, single unit retail structure. Currently ORPS Real Property System does not have a property class code to describe this type of structure. ORPS is proposing a new 456 property class – Medium Retail Outlet. RPTAC members liked the idea. 


        1. Public Education Sub-group (Geoff Gloak) – no report out. 


        1. Eq. Project Team (Tim Maher) – Tim passed out the minutes from the last EP team meeting held on April 1, 2009. Tim reviewed the key topics that were discussed at that meeting. In addition Tim reported that 90 % of the 2009 Eq. Rates have been made with the rest estimated to be completed in the next couple of weeks. 94% of assessing units LOAs have been accepted as the Eq. rate. 

      Action Item # 35 Send revised UAC back to group via email, through Alan Kresge. (Tom Frey) 

    2. Legislative Update – Paul Miller handed out a 2009 RPT Related Bills of Interest document. Paul spent time discussing several bills on this list that had either passed one or both houses. No major issues were uncovered.


    1. Subgroup Activity Updates


    1. Budget Update (Vic Mallison) – Vic reported that the 09-10 budget has passed. The new budget has cut the agency monies by 2 million dollars. These reductions will be realized through a hosting arrangement with T&F and through attrition. Last year we had mid-year reductions and that has not been ruled out for this year. Training is hung up in the DOB process. $670,000 has been appropriated for training but we are not authorized to spend this money yet. Funding has been eliminated for the agency sponsored grant programs.


    1. Follow-up on the COD Study (Jim Dunne) – As per action item #23 Jim sent out a document that listed the difficulty points assigned to each municipality. In addition RPTAC member were asked to send comments to Jim regarding this topic. No comments were received. Jim once again reviewed the study for the group and pointed out that it seems more complex and assumes a level of accuracy that may be more apparent than real. Our decision is to go with our current methodology and not incorporate the COD study results.


  1. RPS Activities (Tim Maher) – Tim reported that ORPS will be billing for an upgrade to the Sybase ASA database engine for RPS. Upgrades are periodically needed to maintain vendor support. The current cost per seat upgrade is $17. This is the same fee charged in 2006 for the last database upgrade. Our data gathering process will be completed June 19th with bills going out sometime after July 1st. Tim reported that later in the year we will be billing for the annual licensing fee. It will be the same process we used last year. 

Meeting Wrap-Up--Alan Kresge went through the Action Items.

Topics for next meeting include:

  • UAC guidelines – ORPS, Assessors/County Directors
  • Market Value Survey Procedures
  • Sub-group reports
  • Legislative Report
  • Budget Report
  • Conference Report Outs

The minutes will be sent out to the RPTAC membership within two weeks.

Dates for next RPTAC meeting:

October 15 - 16, at the Comfort Inn, Route 9W, Glenmont.

Adjournment at 11:30 am