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Department of Taxation and Finance


Wednesday August 29, 2001
10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.



Assessors: Barbara Bounds, Edye McCarthy, Roger Tibbetts, Val Martins

County Directors: Tom Bloodgood ,PaulBurckard, Bob Diener

ORPS: Pat Holland, Tim Maher, Jim O'Keeffee, Jo Ann Whalen (recorder)

GENERAL BUSINESS: 7/27/01 minutes approved for publication on the Web site.

The outline, narrative summary of the 2002 market value survey and procedures was reviewed section by section for both understanding, clarification and changes. Process was tedious but completed with changes made. This document will be reviewed internally by ORPS and once final will comprise the majority of the Board memo for the 9/11 meeting. Jo Ann will try to get agreement that members of this committee receive the Board package prior to the 9/11 meeting.
Jo Ann will distribute to everyone a document indicating the original text and the changes made.
2002 detailed rate procedures were also reviewed and suggested changes/clarifications added.

The following list was not discussed at the meeting but is being carried forward for final check at the next meeting.

Complaints Against Tentative Rates/Issues to be Resolved

  1. Complaints will be allowed against all the components of the methodologies used to calculate the particular 2002 rate. Rules-addressed 6/11with references as noted and procedures
  2. An effort will be made to share with assessing units all information used in calculating a tentative rate as soon as available. Communication plan, procedures and informals
  3. An effort will be made to simplify and clarify the information provided with tentative rates. Communication plan and internal ORPS initiative
  4. The requirements for complaints against individual parcel appraisals and sales used as observations will be unchanged. Rules-6/11 186-15.2 (d)
  5. Complaints against individual sales in sales ratio studies will be subject to the same review standards as complaints against sales used as observations. Rules 6/11 186-15 (d) (ix) (a) and (b).
  6. CAMA modeling, data and models can be challenged. Rules-6/11 186-15 (c) (1) (v) and (vi), procedures and communication plan
  7. Challenges to aggregate results calculated via a CAMA value estimate or a sales ratio study must be supported with an alternative aggregate value with an articulated and reasonable basis, and data to support the conclusion. Rules-6/11 186-15 9 (c) (2) (v) and (vi), procedures and communication plan
  8. Any information to support the stated level of assessment appearing on the tentative roll will be accepted. Rules-6/11 186-15 (c) (1) (vii) and (2) (vii), procedures and communication plan
  9. An effort will be made to provide assistance to localities in how to determine the prevailing level of assessment. Communication plan
  10. Any information to support an alternative class or municipal aggregate full value will be accepted. Rules-6/11 186-15 (c) (vi) and (iv), procedures and communication plan
  11. An effort will be made to educate local officials in the new process. This effort will emphasize the use of local data (sales, inventory) and the need for local officials to assure that the data is accurate. Communication plan
  12. The level of assessment appearing on the tentative assessment roll is the standard against which the overall level of assessment and the level of assessment for individual major types is measured in calculating tentative State equalization rates as well as in the complaint process. Procedures

SUMMARY: Next meeting-Wednesday October 17, 2001 from 10-3 Manlius Town Hall. Jo Ann will distribute proposed agenda and any appropriate materials prior to meeting-also try to schedule regional directors/management agenda item.