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Department of Taxation and Finance


Thursday – June 26th, 2008 (1:00pm – 5:00pm)
Friday –June 27th, 2008 (8:30am– 12:00am)

Facilitator: Alan Kresge
Recorder: All

Day 1 - Thursday, June 26th, 2008
Assessors: Tom Frey, Rick Hubner, William Quick, Larry Quinn, Cathy Conklin, Curt Schoeberl (alt.)
County Directors: Dave Hastings, Kathleen Myers, Carol Holley, David Jackson
ORPS: Lee Kyriacou, Jim O'Keeffe, Dick Harris, Dennis Jersey (alt), Tom Bellard (alt.), Don Card (alt.) 

  1. Topic - Get Organized  
    • Minutes were reviewed, necessary changes made and approved
      *Action Item: revise minutes and make final (Alan)
    • Agenda was reviewed and necessary changes made
    • Minutes should include the following: Topic / Discussion / Outcome / Action Items.
      *Action Item: ORPS will supply recorders for RPTAC   
  2. Topic - Real Property Tax Cap Report - 3 parts presented by commission, do CAP first. Glitch – do you allow for exceptions? Low effort districts contribute less per pupil on average / made CAP a little higher.  
    • Cap on tax levy
      • Allowance for new construction
      • Allowance for debt service
      • Allowance for under ride
      • Allowance for banking
      • Under 4% no school budget vote / over 4% vote (55% or 60 % if State Aid increases by 5%).
    • Circuit Breaker
      • Limit maximum tax credit
      • Use broad definition of AGI
      • Renter's component
      • Redesign of STAR
    • Getting expenses down (schools)
      • Consolidation
      • All non-instructional activities move to BOCES

      *Action Items: none  

  3. Topic - Technology Vision – 3 ideas  
    • 1-Centralize real property administration system for whole state
    • 2-Centralize database
    • 3-Automate manual RP-5217 process
      • Signatures still a problem – ORPS tech. team is working on this
    • 40 municipalities not on RPS, why?
      • Happy with current system
      • Don't want all the bells and whistles
      • Excellent support staff
      • Extensive investment in current system
      • Don't believe we have an adequate support system
      • Conception out there that RPS can't support large municipalities (large parcel counts)
      • Will they (non-rps) collaborate on new system?
      • What is the best model going forward?
      • What are our limits w/current system?
        • ASA DB can't hold 57 counties
        • ASE can handle the load
      • Why do we need a centralized DB?
        • Cost savings
      • ORPS is putting up own Citrix site
    • Next Steps:
      • July meeting with RPS governance group
      • Discussion with Lee to get ideas
      • Questions:
        • Have we looked outside NYS for new ideas/systems (NO)
        • Are there resources available to do this?
        • When are end users going to be included in discussion? (before final report goes out, no plans for this yet)

      *Action Items: none  

  4. Topic – Grant Program - Susan Savage handed out a status map  
    • ORPS is trying to provide help to produce a meaningful system
    • Developed a suggested outline for program proposal
    • Encouraging community of practice / team room internet
    • Set up workshops connected to studies
    • Next Steps:
      • Offering informal look at draft studies
      • Follow-up workshops
      • Liaison will continue to provide consultative services
      • Concern that ORPS staff will not be objective since they served as consultants (CRMs) working with those doing study
      • ORPS involvement is good

      *Action Items: none  

  5. Topic – Future of RPTAC  
    • Historically operational
    • Must be careful of 2nd floor issues
    • Scope – operational / policy (occasional)
    • Assessor / Co. Dir. Run system
    • Low hanging fruit – policy stuff
    • Don't shy away from legislation

      *Action Items: none  

  6. Topic – Real Property Tax Administration Common Ground  
      • Standards
      • Might need other group (Alliance) to sell
      • Can we work collectively? Assessment 1000 jurisdictions, County Directors – 57 counties
      • Look at choices but don't limit to one standard

        *Action Items: Uniform Assessment Code, form sub-committee outside of group (organization – Alan)


    Day 2 – Friday June 27th, 2008

    Assessors: Tom Frey, Rick Hubner, William Quick, Larry Quinn, Cathy Conklin, Curt Schoeberl (alt.)
    County Directors: Dave Hastings, Kathleen Myers, Carol Holley, Mike Swan, David Jackson
    ORPS: Lee Kyriacou, Jim O'Keeffe, Dick Harris, Tim Maher, Dennis Jersey (alt), Tom Bellard (alt.), Don Card (alt.), Tom Bellard (alt.)   

  7. Topic – ORPS Organization Chart  
    • Don Parker passed out the current ORPS organizational chart

      *Action Items: none  

  8. Topic – Legislative Update – handouts  
    • Last week of legislative session – flurry of activity
    • Joe Gerberg went through handouts and detailed status of each bill

      *Action Items: none  

  9. Topic – Customer Relationship Management  
    • Initiated in 2003
    • Manage relationship with local government
    • Interact with a wider range of stakeholders
    • CRM Survey 2006 handout
    • Go Around
      • Face to face meetings with every assessor
      • Good CRMs and bad CRMs (not the process but the people)
      • CRMs need to understand personalities and relate to people
      • Best CRMs taken out of service (SG-25)
      • CRM on assessor listserve

      *Action Items: none  

  10. Topic – RAR Legislation Implementation – handout  
    • Part of PDC process
    • Eliminates RAR's with low sales counts

      *Action Items: send any comments to Tim Maher or Tom Pinto by 7/11  

  11. Topic – Status of 2008 rates – handout

    *Action Items: none 

  12. Topic - Meeting Wrap Up  
    • Agenda items for next meeting:
      • Next steps on centralization of data
      • Status of uniform assessment code
      • New RAR process, how's it working?
      • Update from Lee

      *Action Items: Want Lee to attend both days

      *Action Items: Dates for December meeting   

2008 Meeting Schedule

  • September 18 & 19, No December meeting scheduled