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Department of Taxation and Finance

Real Property Tax Administration

Thursday, June 26th, 2008, 1:00 pm–4:45 pm, and Friday, June 27th, 2008, 8:30 am–12:35 pm

Clarion Hotel, 3 Watervliet Ave. Ext. Albany, New York 12206

  • Facilitator: Alan Kresge
  • Recorder: TBD
Thursday, June 26
Topic Desired outcome Lead Time
Get organized
  1. Minutes reviewed and approved
  2. Review agenda and make necessary changes
Alan Kresge 1:00–1:10 (10 min.)
a. Leadership updates
  1. Information sharing
  2. Next steps
Lee Kyriacou, Rick Hubner, Mike Swan 1:10–1:25 (15 min.)
b. Future of RPTAC
  1. Information sharing
  2. Next steps
Lee Kyriacou, Rick Hubner, Mike Swan 1:25–2:25 (60 min.)
c. Property tax cap report
  1. Information sharing
  2. Feedback
Lee Kyriacou 2:25–2:55 (30 min.)
Break 2:55–3:10 (15 min.)
d. Grant program
  1. RPTAC is brought up-to-date on activity
  2. Discussion, next steps
Jeff Green, Susan Savage 3:10–3:30 (20 min.)
e. Real property tax administration: Common ground
  1. Identify potential areas for improvement
  2. Identify structure to pursue improvement
Lee Kyriacou, Tom Frey 3:30–4:30 (60 min.)
1st day wrap-up
  1. Meeting review
  2. Meeting feedback, Friday hand-outs
Alan Kresge 4:30–4:45 (15 min.)
Friday, June 27
Topic Desired outcome Lead Time
Get organized Housekeeping: Recap of Thursday's agenda Alan Kresge 8:30–8:35 (5 min.)
f. ORPS' current organizational chart
  1. Information sharing
  2. Discussion
Don Parker 8:35–8:50 (15 min.)

g. Legislative update

-Assessment standards bill

  1. Information sharing
  2. Discussion, next steps
Paul Miller, Joe Gerberg 8:50–9:20 (30 min.)

h. Customer Relationship Management, how's it working?

-Changing roles

  1. Information sharing
  2. Feedback
Jeff Green 9:20–10:05 (45 min.)
i. RAR Legislation Implementation
  1. Information sharing
  2. Feedback: input and ideas
Tim Maher 10:05–10:35 (30 min.)
Break 10:35–10:45 (10 min.)
j. Status of 2008 rates
  1. Information sharing
  2. Discussion
Tim Maher 10:45–11:30 (45 min.)
k. Centralization of data and systems
  1. Information sharing
  2. Discussion
Dennis Jersey 11:30–12:15 (45 min.)
l. Action items
  1. Information sharing
  2. Discussion, next steps
Alan Kresge 12:15–12:25 (10 min.)
Meeting wrap-up
  1. Review action items: Member responsibilities
  2. Topics for next meeting
  3. Next meeting: Date and location
  4. How did we do? (Feedback, comment form)
Alan Kresge 12:25–12:35 (10 min.)

RPTAC Members
Assessors County Directors ORPS
Cathy Conklin (T. Clarkstown) David Hastings (Oswego) Lee Kyriacou (Executive Director)
Timothy Sheares (Nassau County) David Jackson (Westchester) Jim O'Keeffe (Acting Counsel)
Tom Frey (NYS Assessor's Association) Kathleen Myers (Dutchess) Richard Harris (Director of Operations)
Rick Hubner (T. Warwick) Robin Johnson (Ontario) Dave Williams (RCSD)
William Quick (T. Freemont) Carol Holley (Saratoga) Tim Maher (CSS)
Lawrence Quinn (T. Arcadia ) Michael Swan (Warren)
Alternate Assessors Alternate County Directors Alternate ORPS Members
Peggy Jenkins (Town of Moreau) Jim Gonyo (Clinton) Dennis Jersey (ITS)
Curtis Schoeberl (T. Schwangunk) Nicholas Barber (Schenectady) Tom Bellard (Central Valuation Unit)
Don Card (SVS)

Active RPTAC teams and sub-committees

Equalization project team (sub-committee)
Assessors County Directors ORPS
Walter Smead (T. Clifton Park) John Noto (Rockland) Hung Kay Lo
J. Todd Wiley (T. New Windsor) Lynda Levine (Sullivan) Tim Maher
Edye McCarthy (T. Greenburgh) Frank Curtis (Rensselaer) Pat Holland
Curtis Schoeberl (T. Shawangunk) Rick Dean (Wyoming) Tom Pinto (North)
Tom Frey (NYS Assessor's Assoc) Mike Sabansky (Delaware)
Denise Trudell (T. Orleans)

Valuation issues team
Assessors County Directors ORPS
Mario Arevalo (C. Oneonta) Valeria Coggin (Tompkins) Steve Beals
Rosalie Fahey (T. Glenville) Jim Gonyo (Clinton) Matt Riordan
Edye McCarthy (T. Greenburgh) Dave Hastings (Oswego) Tara Hoffman (Newburgh)
Colleen Adamec (T. Greenwich) George Michaud (Putnam) Sheryl Klewicki (Melville)


Sales processing team
Assessors County Directors ORPS
Larry Quinn (T. Arcadia) Tim Murphy (Monroe) Tim Maher
Eileen Kelly (T. Goshen) Jay Franklin (Tompkins) Kim Manley
Christine Fusco (T. Lancaster) Karen Carney (Onondaga) Mary Ilacqua (Syracuse)

Public education sub-group
Assessors County Directors ORPS
Randy Holcomb (C. Jamestown, T. Busti, T. Carroll, T. Chautauqua, T. Ellery, T. Kiantone, T. North Harmony, T. Harmony) Tom Bloodgood (Schuyler/Chemung) Geoff Gloak
Denise Trudell (T. Clayton, T. Montague, T. Albion, T. Osceola, T. Orleans Jane Powers (St. Lawrence) Patti Valvo (Batavia)
Mary Ilacqua (Syracuse)

Property class code team
Assessors County Directors ORPS
Sue Otis (T. Malta) Kathleen Myers (Dutchess) Dave Shanley
Patrick Duffy (T. Manlius) Reesa Guarino
Peter Galarneau (C. Lockport) Russ Sugg