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Department of Taxation and Finance


Thursday and Friday, January 18 and 19, 2007
ORPS, 16 Sheridan Avenue, Albany, NY

Facilitator: Dave Leichenauer
Recorders: Meighan Reed and Michael Fouassier
Assessors:Tom Frey, Rick Hubner, Patrick Duffy, Larry Quinn, Bill Quick, Cathy Conklin
County Directors:Dave Hastings, Caryn Kolts, Kathy Myers, John McCarey, Carol Holley, Mike Swan
ORPS: Don DeWitt, Dick Harris, Jim O'Keeffe, Dave Williams, Steve King, Tim Maher
Others: Don Card, Richard Harris, Joe Gerberg, Steve Harrison, Jeff Green, Bob Mark, Bob Aiken, Jim Dunne, Kate Lee, Sue Otis, Curt Schoeberl, Tom Bellard, Dennis Jersey


Get Organized - What's New?

Dave Leichenauer opened the meeting by welcoming everyone. RPTAC was introduced to the RPA trainees that were in attendance. Each trainee introduced themselves and gave a brief narrative of their ORPS work experiences.

A review of RPTAC membership changes was conducted. The Assessors have move Larry Quinn up from an alternate and Tim Sheares has been brought in to backfill the alternate position. ORPS has replaced Rich Sinnott with Jim O'Keeffe. Steve King and Dick Harris have been moved up from alternate positions. Tom Bellard and Dennis Jersey will rotate to the two alternate positions.

During the review of the agenda, Rick Hubner asked to speak. Rick requested that the committee members rate the agenda items as we move through our two day session. The idea is to score each item with a rating between 1 and 5. A one means that the item had high value to RPTAC and a five would represent low value for our group. We will review tallies at the end of the two day session and see what the data tells us about our agenda process. It is clearly a balancing act to fill a two day agenda with meaningful items. Where do we draw the line on updates for updates sake, and updates that lead into valued discussion?

  1. Leadership Updates - Don DeWitt, Steve King
  2. ORPS Updates - JoAnn Whalen, Kathy Glannon, Tom Bellard
  3. Feedback on STaR/Property Tax Rebate - Tim Maher
  4. Disclosure Notices - Jim O'Keeffe
  5. RPTAC Sub-group Reports - Tim Maher, Bob Aiken
  6. 2007 Meeting Schedule - Dave Leichenauer

    Tom mentioned that in lieu of paying over $100 per night at the Hampton Inn, that the Clarion has offered a $79 fixed rate including a free conference room.

    Motion to move future meetings to the Clarion was approved.

    Dates agreed upon for 2007: March 29-30, June 21-22, September 13-14 and 2008: January 17-18. Sue will call Clarion to confirm dates.

    ***Process Check: Dave noted that the draft minutes were not reviewed at beginning of meeting. The minutes will be addressed first thing on Friday. 


Get Organized - Dave Leichenauer
The session started with Dave Leichenauer re-visiting the draft minutes from January 18 -19th. He asked RPTAC for any comments and / or corrections. There were no changes needed and the minutes were approved.