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Department of Taxation and Finance

RPTAC Equalization Project Team

June 10, 2009
10:00am to 3:00pm
ORPS Newburgh Office


Assessors:  Colleen Adamec, Tom Frey, Curt Schoeberl, Denise Trudell(telephone) and Todd Wiley

County Directors:  Mike Sabansky(telephone)

ORPS:  Patricia Holland, HK Lo, Tim Maher and Tom Pinto 

Guests: Dave Williams

Rules and Legislation

There is legislation concerning a commercial ratio for both Westchester and Suffolk Counties.

2009-2010 Budget

Nothing new to report, still waiting for information and details regarding the $20,000 incentive program.

2009 Rate Status

930 tentative state equalization rates have been established with three rate complaints filed.

94% of the LOA have been confirmed as the state equalization rate.

95% of the municipalities submitted their tentative assessment rolls to ORPS


2009 RAR Status


Discussion on what are the GOALS for exploring alternatives to the current process of confirming the LOA

1)-reduce the bias in the current system

2)-reasonable LOA on assessment roll for taxpayers

3)-nice to have LOA = equalization rate (easier to understand)

4)-more agreement on data (results) is good (between Locals & ORPS)

5)-use of tolerance is cost effective, effective use of resources, both local and state

6)-rational numbers 100.00 instead of 99.16, 25.00 instead of 24.87 or 25.12

7)-do not want to favor a certain type of municipality (reassessment vs non-reassessment)

8)-accurate equalization rates- results are reasonable

9)-more local officials reviewing data and providing analysis


Recap of discussion

1.    The current method meets our needs

2.    If pushed –if locality provides information and data tolerance is 5%

                        if no information or data provided tolerance is 3%

a.   What type of information and data?  This group should decide.

b.   There will need to be training for the Locals and CRMs                

If there is a need for change sufficient time will be needed to define requirements and provide training.  

PDC Status

Tom distributed a status report for the 2009 PDC process.  Also distributed was a preliminary 2010 PDC status that shows in which counties new appraisals will be done.


RAR Status

There were no major issues with the 2009 RAR process.  There is a question about the need to establish RAR 60 days prior to tentative roll date.

Next meeting:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 at the ORPS Newburgh office.


Topics for next meeting:

-          Continue discussion on confirming the LOA and try to reach a consensus for future equalization rate procedures.  Review information on option 8 (only allow assessors to claim certain specific LOAs). Analysis of Jefferson, Ulster and Westchester Counties using option 8.

-          Status of 2009 equalization rates