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Department of Taxation and Finance

Equalization Project Team

10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.



Assessors: Barbara Bounds, Edye McCarthy, Roger Tibbetts

County Directors: Tom Bloodgood, Paul Burckard, Bob Diener

ORPS: Tim Maher, Pat Holland, Jo Ann Whalen (recorder)

GENERAL BUSINESS: Reviewed the minutes from the last meeting and Jo Ann noted that Dave Briggs wanted to be sure to include concern about the timing of the 2002 rates and potential conflict with exemption processing. Otherwise, minutes accepted.

Jo Ann distributed meeting schedule of upcoming Equalization Informational Sessions and a copy of the presentation materials. Also discussed the types of questions raised at the 5/24 session in Ballston Spa. Jo Ann encouraged the respective members to influence their members and executive board members to attend all the sessions so they are also aware of the questions/issues and answers. Presentations statewide will be complete by the end of June.

The committee is invited to attend a session presented by Rich Almy, internationally recognized equalization expert, in Albany on 5/31. Group decided to cancel our scheduled meeting for that day so members could attend the Almy presentation.

ADMINISTRATIVE REVIEW RULES 186-16: Jo Ann distributed copies of the existing rules with some issues/ideas prepared by Jim to assist in the review/analysis and recommendations for changes. The group worked through each document by identifying the issues and resolving what needed to be modified, added and the category of each of the issues. Jo Ann took notes and will update Jim who will incorporate changes as indicated. Prior to the next meeting, Jo Ann will distribute the proposed rules with the issues sheet and their resolution for final recommendations at the 6/11 meeting. This maintains the time line with a 6/15 finalization date from this committee for report to RPTAC at the 6/21 and 22 meeting in anticipation of release to GORR by 7/15.

2002 RATES: Pat distributed map depicting which assessing units fall into each of the categories. This map was first attempt and group discussed distribution and the inclusion of more breakdowns. Market analysts are developing CAMA models/sales ratio conclusions which will be reviewed/shared with this group.

SUMMARY: Next meeting Monday 6/11 in Manlius from 10-3. Agenda items are: review/discussion of administrative review rules, 186-16, and issues; report on presentations and more detail and data relative to CAMA and sales ration approaches.