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Department of Taxation and Finance


10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.; MANLIUS TOWN HALL


 Assessors:  Barbara Bounds, Dave Briggs, Val Martins, Roger Tibbetts

 County Directors:  Tom Bloodgood, Paul Burckard, Rick Dean, Bob Diener

ORPS: Tim Maher, Pat Holland, Jim O'Keeffe, Jo Ann Whalen(recorder)

 GENERAL BUSINESS:  Lengthy discussion about the opposition expressed by the leadership of the assessors' association at the Rules hearing held on March 12.  The rules hearing was conducted around rules made public last October at which time they had already been reviewed and modified based on discussions comments from this group.  Rules were in sum a reflection of the work and direction under which this group has been operating under for 5-6 years. The vision for equalization and this subcommittee of RPTAC is a program in which the equalization rate represents the ratio of assessed value to market value on the same assessment roll being used for the apportionment process. 

 The conclusions were to not schedule a follow up meeting until after this group and RPTAC meets on 3/28 for a special meeting to discuss the equalization program, the appropriate roles and responsibilities of the respective groups and the position of the respective organizations to the proposed set of rules.  All members of this group except Rick plan on attending the 3/28 meeting.

 LEGISLATION: Jim talked about two equalization proposals.  The first is a proposal to define the RAR as the level of assessment determined for the residential class in the conducting of the market value survey.  With the advancements made in the equalization program in the use of reassessment results and the elimination of the lag, this proposal makes a lot of sense and would eliminate an often duplicative or contradictory ratio.  The second is a proposal to use the tentative equalization rate for the school tax apportionment process.  This would occur only when the final rate for that roll was not yet made but this would require debit/credit capabilities in the following year.  This was worrisome to many and this may be a seldom if ever used option as long as we are able to move the equalization program where we have planned-final rates reflecting the roll being used for the apportionment.

 2000 RATES:  Tim distributed summary stats in 12 categories and also discussed plans for 2001 rates in all of the same categories.

 SUMMARY:  3/28 Special RPTAC Meeting Conclusions: Subcommittee will continue to meet.  Next meeting Tuesday May 8, 2001 Manlius Town Hall 10 am-3pm.