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Department of Taxation and Finance

Real Property Tax Administration

  • Thursday, December 11, 2003, 1:00 pm–5:00 pm 
  • Friday, December 12, 2003, 8:30 am–1:00pm

ORPS 16 Sheridan Avenue, Albany, New York 12210

  • Facilitator: Tom Rutnik
  • Recorder: Tammy Stallings
Thursday, December 11, 2003
Item Results
Lead Time
a. Get organized Agenda reviewed—minutes approved.
Presentation and discussion T. Rutnik 1:00–1:10
b. Leaders report Information and issues shared. Discussion D. Barton, R. Hubner and T. Griffen 1:10–1:20
c. Training
Ad hoc training team resolution of outstanding issues. Discussion and consensus 

R. Zandri and AD hoc training team

Pick members of new Training Oversight Team.
d. RPTAC sub—team update Review progress of RPTAC charted sub—teams. Presentation, question and answer T. Rutnik and RPTAC 2:30–2:45
Break    2:45–3:00
e. Valuation issues
Come to a conclusion on 2003 action items #4,5 and 6. Presentation and discussion

C. Aviza, T. Frey, J. Maciejewski and J. O'Keeffe
Interior inspection, data mailer, minimum inventory.
f. Tax shift due to revaluation Explore what, if anything, can be done to avoid unwarranted tax shifts in municipalities conducting revaluation projects. Discussion, question and answer Dave Williams and RPTAC 3:30–4:00
g. NYSEG bills Understand bills for appraisals. Review and discussion T. Griffen 4:00–4:25
h. Annual assessment survey Review analysis. Discuss next steps R. Harris 4:25–4:50
i. First day wrap up Review of action items and decisions. Review and discussion T. Rutnik 4:50–5:00
Friday, December 12, 2003
Item Results How Lead Time
j. Get organized Agenda adjusted. Discussion and consensus  T. Rutnik 8:30–8:35
k. E—gov't update  Understanding of RPS e—gov't direction. Presentation, question and answer B. Sauter and RPTAC members 8:35–9:45
Review comments on e—govt and ISOT charters.
E-gov't team membership.
l. STAR Discuss various STAR issues including: STAR tax and finance verification notification, STAR floors, draft of post card. Presentation and discussion R. Zandri and RPTAC 9:45–10:30
Break 10:30–10:45
m. RPTAC guidelines and ground rules Review proposed changes to RPTAC team guidelines and ground rules. Presentation and discussion T. Griffen and RPTAC members 10:45–11:15
Explore between meeting dynamics.
n. SWP03–08#1 state and local eq.  Review of ORPS SMP Presentation and discussion T. Griffen 11:15–11:45
o. Form printing and distribution Implications of budget restraints reviewed, decide what actions need to be taken. Discussion and consensus T. Frey, S. King and RPTAC members 11:45–12:30
Grievance booklet.
p. Current issues Issues identified. Discussion  RPTAC 12:30–12:45
q. Meeting wrap up Review of action items and decisions. Discussion T. Rutnik 12:45–1:00
Next meeting set.
Agenda items identified.