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Department of Taxation and Finance


10:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M.; MANLIUS TOWN HALL


Assessors: Val Martins and Roger Tibbitts

County Directors:Tom Bloodgood, Paul Burckard, Rick Dean, Bob Diener, Steve Dorsey, and Barry Miller

ORPS: John Harkin (Facilitator), Jim O'Keeffe, JoAnn Whalen (Recorder), and Dave Williams


The meeting started at approximately 10:00 a.m. Dave Briggs called this morning to say that he would be unable to attend. Previous minutes were unchanged. We added time to the agenda for a brainstorming session around Task #5 Examination of the Equalization Rate Process - $5 and $20 Impact.


Jim discussed RPTAC discussion and intent around the RAR proposed changes. The RAR in current reassessments would be the verified uniform percentage. In non-reassessment assessing units, the RAR would be the residential ratio determined in the equalization process. We also discussed STAR wording in light of the Oswego County situation - with a 189% equalization rate and STAR exemption. Future of both is unknown. $5/$20 Proposed - there was considerable discussion around this and its tie-in to rates and equalization. As of now, existing standards for the $5, $2, $2 are in place - to get this aid, reassessments must be in accordance with Section 1573 - 100% uniform percentage. To qualify for the $20, an assessing unit must not have conducted a reassessment since January 1, 1990 - there was considerable discussion around exactly what this date referred to - and the assessing unit must do a full blown traditional reassessment to qualify. ORPS explained that there were up to nine specific tasks identified around this legislation and various ORPS teams were actively working to develop recommendations. This team will deal with Task #5: Examination of the Equalization Rate Process - $5/$20 Impact. After the team members read the accompanying write-up, we conducted a lengthy brainstorming which is attached as a separate document. JoAnn committed that these brainstorming results would be made available to internal staff which would be taking up the same topic at a meeting scheduled for 3/16/99.


Document had been distributed in anticipation of this meeting. Group indicated that they had reviewed the document and were comfortable. Reassessment policy discussion and the issue of sustaining equity on an annual basis was part and parcel of the $5/$20 discussion and vice - versa. They are inseparable and a wide range of possibilities were covered.


Dave reported that all tentative rates had been made and there had been only 67 city/town rate complaints. As of this date, 47 would be complete and resolved for the 3/25 board meeting. Staff would also be making every effort to include as many as possible for the 3/25 meeting and would be mailing up to the last day. The number of administrative review cases is an unheard of low with the resulting percentage changes still continuing to be very low. 915 City/towns have final 1998 state equalization rates.


Document had also been distributed in anticipation of this meeting. Group had reviewed and indicated agreement with. Again, this topic is inexplicably tied with annual sustaining and reassessment policy and the potential aid package to help promote those practices.

The next meeting is Tuesday, June 22, 1999 at the Manlius Town Hall from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Potential Topics are: Budget News, Next Market Value Survey Plans, Large Parcel Deregulation, Report on the Consultants Trending Recommendations, 1998 Survey Procedures Finalization, 1999 Rates Procedures - First Review, and Discussion on School/County Apportionment Experiences and Future Directions - Oswego and Lewis Counties. Because the meeting seems so far away and other critical topics/situations may develop, especially around the budget, JoAnn would like to get a proposed agenda out in the preceding week when we will be more sure of what we really have of substance around these many topics. Claudia will fax the agenda and then follow-up with confirmation of attendance. As the need arises or people wish, we can also modify the agenda when we get together.