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Department of Taxation and Finance

Real Property Tax Administration

  • Thursday April 17, 2003 (10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.)

NYS ORPS State Board Meeting Room (5th Floor) Albany, New York 12210

Facilitator: Tom Rutnik

Recorder: Tammy Stallings 

Item  Results How Lead Time 
a. Get organized Agenda reviewed,
minutes approved
Presentation and discussion Rutnik 10:00–10:05
b. Leaders Report/Budget Information and issues shared Discussion Barton, Hubner, T. Griffen 10:05–10:10
c. Valuation issues-prop class code team/manufactured
housing/VFF updated
Information shared Presentation and discussion Aiken/Jordan Gonyo 10:10–10:30
d. Town boards eliminating
interior inspections
Legal review Presentation and discussion O'Keefe/Frey 10:30–10:40
e. Assessment calendar team-next steps Information shared Presentation and discussion O'Keefe 10:40–10:50
f. Training/adhoc team Information shared Presentation and discussion Zandri 10:50–11:00
g. STAR - training material/application Information shared
application update
Presentation and discussion Zandri 11:00–11:10
h. RPS -citrix/RPS support
Information shared Presentation Jersey 11:10–11:20
i. Migrant farm workers'
housing exemption (new section 483-d)
Information shared and discussion Presentation and discussion Bob Mark/Mark Twentyman 11:20–11:50
j. Best practices / secure internet site Future discussed Discussion V. Coggin/Rutnik 11:50–12:15
k. 2003 equalization rate
process/annual reassessment
Information shared Presentation and discussion Mahar/Zandri/Williams 1:00–1:30
l. Equalization tools Information shared Presentation and discussion Hubner 1:30–1:40
m. Evaluation consortium-
annual reassessment survey
Review report/next steps Presentation and discussion Harris/Otis 1:40–2:15
n. Current issues Ideas identified Discussion Members 2:14–2:30
o. Future RPTAC meetings  Recap/set future meeting format Discussion Members 2:30–2:45
Wrap up Review of action items next meeting set agenda items suggested