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Department of Taxation and Finance

Real Property Tax Administration

  • Thursday June 13, 2002, 1:00pm–5:00pm
  • Friday, June 14, 2002, 8:30an–1:00pm 

Hampton Inn, Rte. 9, Latham, New York 12210

  • Facilitator: Dan Curtin
  • Recorders: Tammy Stallings and Angela DiMura
Thursday, June 13, 2002
Item Results How Lead Time
a. Get organized Agenda reviewed, minutes approved status of action items Presentation and discussion Curtin 1:00–1:15
b. Leaders' report Information/issues shared  Discussion Barton, Hubner, Griffen 1:15–1:30
c. Training issues—report from ad hoc team Status updated  Discussion  Ad hoc team members 1:30–2:15
d. Equalization issues consistency between approaches
2001 analysis Information shared—next steps identified Presentation and discussion Maher 2:15–3:30
2002 analysis Ferrari
e. CRM status  Information shared  Presentation and discussion Harris, Williams 3:30–3:45
f. Legislative hot issues  Information shared Presentation and discussion Miller, Gerberg 3:45–4:15
Friday, June 14, 2002
Item  Results How Lead Time 
g. Get organized  Agenda adjusted  Discussion and consensus D. Curtin  8:30–8:45
h. Valuation Issues
Valuation guidelines Decision on publishing made Presentation and discussion Sauter 8:45–10:00
Multiple parcel sales Next steps identified  Sauter
National valuation factors  Next steps identified Hubner
Forestry Information shared  Harris 
Break 10:00–10:15
i. Property class codes Recommendations approved Discussion Otis 10:15–10:30
j.  RPS
Help desk—clarify procedures Status updated  Discussion  Hubner 10:30–11:00
V5 report Recommendations approved Henahan
k. Escrow accounts (sec. 953, RPTL)
Multiple parcels  Next steps identified  Presentation and discussion Burckard 11:00–11:30
Statewide bank codes
l. Data warehouse 
Security, OFT standards Information shared Discussion Henahan 11:30–12:00
Current status
m. Current issues Ideas identified Presentation Members 12:00–12:15
n. Wrap up Next meeting set, agenda items suggested  D. Curtin 12:15–12:30