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Department of Taxation and Finance

Registration for taxpayers who received property tax relief credit letters

If you received a letter requesting that you register for the property tax relief credit, please follow the instructions below. This will enable us to determine your eligibility for the credit. If you did not receive a letter, please do not register for the credit.

How to register

1.  Gather the following information:

  • Property Key at the top of your letter
  • names and Social Security numbers for all owners of the property and their spouses
  • primary residence of the owners and their spouses
  • approximate date the owners purchased the property and the name of the sellers
  • address of any residential property owned in another state
  • the legal name of the trust, if applicable
  • 2016 federal or state income tax returns for all owners

Note: If you weren’t required to file a 2016 income tax return, you will need the following information for all property owners:

  • total wages, salaries, and tips;
  • taxable interest income and dividends;
  • unemployment compensation;
  • total pensions and annuities;
  • Social Security benefits; and
  • other income.

2.  Select Register, below.

3.  Follow the prompts to complete and submit your registration.

4.  Print a copy of the confirmation page and note your confirmation number, or provide an email address if you want to receive your confirmation code by email.


After you register

If we determine that you’re eligible, we’ll send you a property tax relief credit check.