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Department of Taxation and Finance

What to Do If You Receive a Letter from the NYS Tax Department The best way to provide the requested information

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The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance today explained what taxpayers should do if they receive a letter or notice asking for more information about claims made on their tax returns.
“First, if you receive a letter from us asking for documentation to support what you claimed on your return, don’t panic; it doesn't mean that you did anything wrong,” said New York State Taxpayer Rights Advocate Margaret Neri. “The Tax Department simply needs to ensure that refunds only go to those entitled to them and that returns filed are accurate. The goal is to ensure compliance and stop questionable refunds, not to delay refunds.”

Wages and withholding letters

One of the most common letters we send, for example, requests information to verify the amount of taxes withheld from wages. If you check the status of your 2018 refund, which you can do using our Check Your Refund Status! tool, you may receive a message indicating that we sent you this letter or are sending it to you.

Similar letters request additional information regarding your claims of itemized deductions, child and dependent care expenses, college tuition expenses, business losses, and so on.

Read the letter you receive carefully to review the different ways you can respond, but keep in mind that we can’t process your return or any refund you’re claiming until we receive and review the requested information.

The best way to respond

The most effective way to respond to a letter is using our Respond to Department Notice online service. If you don’t have an Individual Online Services account, you will need to create an account to take advantage of this service.
Visit Respond to your letter for step-by-step guidance, as well as to view two helpful videos: Responding to a Department Notice and Individual Account Creation.

For more filing information, please see our main Individuals webpage.