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File Your Tax Return Even if You Can’t Pay What You Owe Now The Tax Department offers an installment payment program and other payment options

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New York State Taxpayer Rights Advocate Margaret Neri today reminded taxpayers not to delay filing their personal income tax return if they owe money but can’t immediately pay. The Tax Department can help taxpayers avoid or reduce penalties and added interest.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for taxpayers to pay what they owe,” said Taxpayer Rights Advocate Margaret Neri. “We understand that not everyone can pay what they owe right away. That’s why the Tax Department offers opportunities to set up a payment plan or make a one-time payment online after filing.”
Steps to delay payment

Taxpayers who can’t pay what they owe all at once are encouraged to follow these steps:

  • submit your completed tax return by the April 15 deadline to avoid penalties;
  • pay what you can afford now to reduce interest; and
  • request an Installment Payment Agreement (IPA).

An IPA is the Tax Department’s most convenient and popular payment option for outstanding tax debt. In the last five years, 381,000 taxpayers have taken advantage of this program to pay back $1.4 billion.

Individuals who can pay in full have another payment option—Quick Pay—that allows them to pay a bill or tax debt directly from their bank accounts. The online app can be accessed from home computers, a smartphone, or other mobile device. Since the Quick Pay app went live in 2018, nearly 134,000 taxpayers have made one-time payments totaling $105 million.

In addition, taxpayers can use Tax Department Online Services accounts to make payments from their bank account or by credit card. They can also respond to notices, update their information, and handle other tax-related tasks. Visit to set up an account or log in to an existing account.

New York State Taxpayer Rights Advocate

As a New York State taxpayer, you have rights protecting you from any unfairness in the administration and collection of taxes, as well as a variety of options to resolve tax issues.

The Office of the Taxpayer Rights Advocate (OTRA) will help you understand your rights, and find the best way for you to resolve your tax debt or problem.

OTRA, an independent office within the Tax Department, provides:

  • free assistance to resolve difficult or ongoing tax problems;
  • options to consider if a tax issue is causing undue economic harm; and
  • recommendations for administrative or legislative reforms.

Additional resources

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