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Department of Taxation and Finance

NYS Tax Department Announces Launch of New and Convenient Way to Pay Free “Quick Pay” App Allows Individuals to Pay Tax Debt Directly from Their Bank Accounts

For Release: Immediate,

For press inquiries only, contact: James Gazzale, 518-457-7377

More than 2,600 payments worth $2.5 million already made after soft launch.

The NYS Tax Department has launched Quick Pay—a free service that provides individuals a new way to promptly pay a tax bill or debt owed from an audit or collection case.

Taxpayers made nearly 2,620 payments worth $2.5 million in the first four weeks after Quick Pay was launched on March 24. The Quick Pay app provides individuals the option to pay directly from their bank account. They can also opt to receive an emailed confirmation of payment.

“We’re thrilled to offer individual taxpayers this faster, simpler way to clear up a one-time tax bill or to pay a balance due,” said NYS Acting Tax Commissioner Nonie Manion. “The app was designed to appeal to those who typically have very little interaction with us. For those who conduct more business with us, we highly recommend an Online Services account for an expanded menu of free services.”

Those who wish to take advantage of Quick Pay will need to provide the number associated with their tax bill, audit or collection case, installment payment agreement, or income execution and the following:

  • first and last name;
  • taxpayer ID number (and spouse’s number if applicable);
  • filing status;
  • mailing ZIP code; and
  • bank account routing and account numbers.

Taxpayers can access the new app anytime at the NYS Tax Department’s Pay a bill or notice webpage.

On the same page, they’ll also have the option to:

  • create an Online Services account, which offers a wider menu of free services, such as the ability to receive email alerts and respond to department notices; or
  • access a link to request an Installment Payment Agreement if they can’t pay a bill in full.

For more information, please visit our Bills & Notices webpage.