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New York State Tax Department Announces Record Number of Businesses Using Online Services

Array of Web Services Assist Businesses, Boost Government Efficiency, Save Taxpayer Dollars

For Release: Immediate, Friday, October 07, 2011

Contact: Geoffrey Gloak, 518-457-7377

The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance announced today that a record number of businesses have moved to the Web for all aspects of filing state taxes.  By creating online service accounts, these users drove the Tax Department past a milestone of more than one million online account holders.  More than half of these accounts-519,000 and growing-are for businesses. That's triple the number of business account holders as compared with just one year ago.

"We'll continue to enhance our online services so that business operators can focus on running and growing their businesses," said Commissioner Thomas H. Mattox.  "This will ease their administrative tasks and, at the same time, save New York State and its taxpayers millions of dollars through paperless processing and streamlined administration."

Everyone from small shop owners to major corporations can file virtually all of their returns online.

For the sales tax quarter ending September 20, 72% of returns were filed online, more than doubling last year's rate of 31%.  Over the past year:

  • Web-filed withholding tax returns increased more than 230%.
  • Web-filed corporation tax returns increased more than 75%.
  • Business e-filing saved New York taxpayers $8.2 million in processing costs.

Taxpayers are quickly discovering the appeal, efficiency, and security of completing their tasks online.  Online account users can:

  • schedule payments directly from their bank accounts
  • grant various levels of access to different tax professionals
  • obtain Certificates of Authority to conduct business
  • view a summary of their tax account and past tax filings
  • respond to important notices and correct returns
  • sign up for email notifications

Online filing also dramatically reduces errors associated with paper returns.

To learn more about the online services, and view videos and online demonstrations, visit the New York State Tax Department's Online Services Web page at


Updated: October 07, 2011